Brighton, situated on the South Coast of England makes up half the city of Brighton & Hove. The town, formerly known as Brighthelmstone dates back to before the Domesday Book but was first popularised by the Prince Regent as a popular seaside getaway.
After the arrival of the railway in 1841, Brighton became a favoured destination for day trippers from London and has remained so to this day. The current population is over 150,000.

Having a good idea of the target group you wish to reach can serve to boost sales and help you get the best of what Brighton has on offer. Take the time to read our city outline below to begin your successful outdoor campaign in Brighton

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At the 2011 Census, Brighton had a population with an approximate 50/50 split between male and female. The average age is 37 years old with the median at a slightly lower 35.


Brighton & Hove is synonymous with tourism, with the city playing host to some six million visitors every year. Popular destinations include the famous Brighton Pavilion, built in 1786 for the Prince Regent, The Laines (and North Laines) with its warren of fine restaurants, boutique clothing outlets and independent jewellers and of course the seafront itself where, together with the town’s multitude of late bars and nightclubs, the world-famous Brighton Pier can be found. With so much passing traffic and high footfall areas, Brighton offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor advertising.



Brighton has two universities – the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex, both of which have their campus at Falmer just outside the town and at smaller sites dotted throughout Brighton and Hove. Together, the universities bring in 4,000 new students annually.


Several major companies have main or regional offices in Brighton including American Express, The QS Group and Drake Holdings. Additionally, and with its fast direct service to London (under an hour at peak times) Brighton serves as a major commuter hub for the capital.

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Ethnic Diversity

As well as being an extremely cosmopolitan town, Brighton boasts an impressive cultural diversity.
Over 80% of the population was born in England while other frequently given answers for country of origin were: Scotland (1.6%) Wales (1.1%) Ireland (1.0%) North Africa (0.7%) India (0.6%) China (0.5%) South Africa (0.5%) Northern Ireland (0.5%) United States (0.5%).

Household Types

Recent analysis of the family types in Brighton found that there was a lower percentage of families with one or more children than the national average as well as a lower percentage of one-parent families. In total, 33.9 percent were couple families with children while 8.2 percent were one-parent families.

Additionally, there is a lower proportion of single person households – 22.5 percent and a much higher average percentage of couples without children, 26.7 percent.

More than half of its residents are aged between 20-49 years. Students and the recently graduated are an important demographic, reflecting the city’s ‘young’ reputation – particularly during the summer months.