Birmingham has the second largest population in the United Kingdom, with over a million people living in the city and its suburbs. Once a big manufacturing town, Birmingham has changed its profile over the years, becoming one of Europe’s leading commercial centres and one of UK’s most important economic, event and transport hubs.

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According to the 2011 Census, there are 10 districts in Birmingham with an average population of circa 107,000, ranging in size from Sutton Coldfield (95,000) to Ladywood (127,000). Hall Green and Hodge Hill are the most densely populated, with 59 people per hectare, compared with 17 people per hectare in Sutton Coldfield. Moreover, around 20% people living in Sutton Coldfield are pensioners, compared with just 7% in Ladywood.


The commercial area of the city is a prime attraction for tourists and locals alike, offering a plethora of boutiques, fine dining, nightspots and accommodation that attract thousands of people day and night. Areas around The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham Hippodrome, the Pen Museum and other smaller galleries are always buzzing with tourists and art-lovers. Moreover, Broad Street is Birmingham’s busiest and most popular entertainment, leisure and business destination, offering great outdoor advertising opportunities.

Advertise towards Students

The city also boasts four big universities, Aston University, University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University and Newman University College, accommodating students from B4 all the way to B32.

The highest numbers of economically active, full-time students are to be found in Ladywood (12.8%), Selly Oak (10.2%), Edgbaston (8.4%), and Perry Barr (7.6%).

Advertise towards the Birmingham Commuters

Birmingham is a major transport hub, so public transport in the city can be overcrowded at times, with busy areas around stations such as New Street and Snow Still.

Moreover, over 90% of public transport in the West Midlands is by bus and coach, a fact that makes bus stops prime locations for advertising your business.

Ethnic diversity

Birmingham is also an ethnically diverse city, with a population of ~50% made up of White-British. The three main minority groups are Pakistani (13.5%), Indian (6%) and Black Caribbean (4%).

Moreover, out of the 10 districts, 4 of them have a larger number of people who identified themselves as Non-White than the general average of 46.9%.

These were, Hall Green (69.5%), Hodge Hill (66.9%), Ladywood (78.7%) and Perry Barr (65.2%). Also, more than half (52.1 %) of the residents of Hodge Hill said they were Muslim.


The districts with the largest percentage of people of White ethnicity are Sutton Coldfield (88.7%), Northfield (85.8%), Erdington (73.1%), Edgbaston (68.7%).

The districts with the largest population of Asian or Asian British are Hodge Hill (49.8%), Hall Green (49.5%), Ladywood (40.5%), Perry Barr (38.8%).

People of Black ethnicity are more common in areas like Ladywood (22.6%) and Perry Bar (15.2%), while those of Arab ethnicity are most likely to live in Hall Green (5%) and Ladywood (3.6%).

Household Types

The largest number of pensioners are found in Northfield, Sutton Coldfield, Erdington and Selly Oak. Interestingly enough, these areas also have the highest number of households with one or more dependent children and the highest number of owner occupied tenures (with an average of 75-80% of the residents owning the house they live in). Comparatively, in the district of Ladywood more than 70% of residents rent from the local authority or from a landlord, with only 29.8% owning a property. These area are rich with Phone boxes and Bus stops to advertise one. Check our online booking platform for all advertising poster spots on Bus shelters and Phone boxes.