How to Tap Into 5 Trends Shaping the UK Outdoor Digital Advertising Scene

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The UK outdoor advertising scene is changing at an exponential rate and Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is playing a big part in making Britain’s cities ‘smarter’ and more ‘digitally enhanced’. You need to know the trends that are fast becoming the driving force behind a transformation in advertising culture, and how your business can capitalise on the DOOH phenomena.

By the end of this year, outdoor digital signage (DOOH) will claim a 40 percent share of the overall total spend on out-of-home advertising. That’s according to an Advertising Association/Warc Expenditure Report, compiled in 2015.

Meanwhile PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) anticipates DOOH advertising revenues to exceed spend on ‘traditional’ forms of outdoor advertising by 2020, increasing at a rate of 15 percent over the next four years.

As the saying goes, “there’s no smoke without fire”, and perhaps the hype surrounding DOOH is justified. If that’s the case, what’s driving the outdoor digital signage revolution and how can you be a part of it? 

5 Trends Shaping the UK Outdoor Digital Advertising Landscape

Digital Outdoor Advertising

1. Phenomenal Growth – More Screens Appearing in More Locations

There’s no doubting that DOOH is experiencing a surge in expansion, which can be attributed to a price drop in AV hardware including LCD and LED displays and media players. Meanwhile, a more ‘tech savvy’ marketplace is also responsible for an ‘explosion’ in digital signage use, with new screens popping up from Texas to Tokyo.

The same is true in the UK. Armagard alone has been involved in projects in London, Liverpool, Luton and more, working with a diverse range of industry sectors including quick service restaurants, retail, education and transport.

You can capitalise by investing in a flexible DOOH network that enables you to constantly adapt your content offering. As standing out from the crowd becomes more important and competitive than ever, outdoor digital signage gives your brand a visual cutting edge that helps you to communicate your message clearly and countrywide.

2. Integration – DOOH and Mobile Merge

Man interacts with DOOH display

The world is connecting like never before and DOOH is making strides to tap into increasing communication. Every day, new data sources emerge, equipping businesses with the information they need to produce relevant content for an audience that’s constantly ‘on the go’.

Developments in technology are enabling DOOH to merge with mobile and other platforms to deliver timely, targeted messages that are interlinked, enabling end users to track engagement activity.

You can capitalise by recognising DOOH and mobile as a complete solution, not as separate channels. The two together add to the arsenal of customer engagement strategies.

3. Infrastructure – ‘Smart’ cities made smarter

Digital Outdoor Advertising in station

Increased DOOH use and widespread integration with other platforms all lead to one thing… the fusion of DOOH with the digital infrastructure of Britain’s smart cities. It’s a process that has already begun, most notably in Birmingham and Manchester.

You can capitalise on outdoor digital signage in ‘smart’ city locations because it’s becoming a universal mainstay. The opportunity to catch the eye of passers-by with relevant, targeted content is limitless and will lead to a revenue boost provided your messaging is on point.

4. Recognition – Connecting with Audiences Emotionally

Digital Outdoor Advertising in shopping centre

The ‘intelligence’ of outdoor digital signage displays has hit new heights in recent years, thanks to an ability to identify and engage with audiences on an ‘emotional’ level. The emergence of vehicle and gender recognition, plus gaze-tracking technology (eye movement monitoring) has refined how end users target audiences.

There will be a time, in the very near future, when digital displays will have the ability to present to people based on their emotional outlook, which is pretty amazing.

Intelligent outdoor digital signage is the cornerstone of gathering data unobtrusively enabling you to compile information, not only to ensure the success of your current advertising campaign, but to shape future campaigns. DOOH gives you a unique insight into customer trends, from which you can tailor your message.

5. Full Immersion – Complete Interactivity and HD visuals

Digital Out of Home Advertising at cinema

It’s clear to see the direction that DOOH is taking, right? All trends point to an outdoor digital signage takeover! Even now, bigger and bolder digital signage displays are experiencing a boom across Britain’s major towns and cities.

The emergence of HD screens, OLED technology and transparent displays are unlocking a new wave of possibilities for DOOH, with high-impact. A great example is the Media Eyes at Birmingham New Street Station, I personally get to witness this amazing digital display in action every day and it’s amazing to see how far outdoor digital signage has come.

Advances in touchscreen technology and other recognition software indicates a future whereby UK towns, cities and the British public will be immersed in a world of interactive displays that enable engagement with content on a truly deep level.

With an ability to screen live content on a local, national and global scale, DOOH is considered to be at the forefront of outdoor advertising.

You can capitalise on local, national and even international advertising opportunities. DOOH opens doors that traditional techniques cannot, unlocking new revenue streams and boosting brand recognition.

I leave you with this… A survey carried out by Ocean in 2016 revealed that 86.3 percent of executives across media agencies and outdoor advertising companies recognised that ‘DOOH has bigger growth potential when up against mobile, video on demand and other similar media channels.’ It’s the beginning of a new era.

Check out our guide to digital advertising options available via Bubble for more information about renting DOOH advertising space.

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