Ad review: Oh. My. Dog! it’s Pawsquad

This attention-grabbing billboard from Pawsquad is an excellent example of how small businesses can use localised outdoor advertising to build brand awareness.

pawsquad advert billboard

Pawsquad’s billboard on Northcote Road, Clapham

Pawsquad are a UK-based start-up that launched Britain’s first telemedicine service for pets back in 2015. Earlier this year, they expanded their service into providing home visits from mobile vets to pet owners in London.

To build brand awareness, and advertise their mobile-vet service, Pawsquad created this eye-catching advertising campaign.

Pawsquad used localised billboards to target a specific audience

Using Bubble’s online booking system, they were able to locate advertising space in the areas that most effectively reached their target demographics. That is, the pet-owners living in the neighbourhoods that Pawsquad’s mobile vet service is currently available for.

This particular billboard is located in Northcote Road, Clapham in order to advertise Pawsquad’s expansion of the mobile vet service into London’s Nappy Valley. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way for the company to engage with the relevant demographics.

The billboard grabs your attention and communicates a clear message

As well as using localised outdoor advertising to great effect, Pawsquad have also used attention-grabbing text and bold visuals to instantly communicate their message.

What better way to reach an audience of pet-lovers than with a huge image of a dog gazing straight at the camera? Alongside the initial “Oh. My. Dog!” exclamation in bold, red capitals, the billboard is impossible to ignore.

Using minimal text, the billboard goes on to communicate a clear message: Pawsquad provides a unique service that cuts-out the stress and inconvenience of sitting in a vet’s waiting room with a sick animal. And it’s now available in Nappy Valley.

Building the Pawsquad brand in the local area

The clear use of the Pawsquad logo and tagline adds clarity to the billboard’s message (we’re vets that make home visits). And just as, if not, more importantly, it builds that all-important brand recognition that is so vital for a business seeking to build a reputation in a local area.

Presenting your chosen demographic with every-day reminders of your presence and services builds consumer trust and familiarity with your brand. And it’s that familiarity that will encourage consumers to choose your service over any other when the need arises.

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