5 tips for advertising in post offices

digital screen advertising in a post office

Advertising in post offices across the UK is a great opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of extended dwell time and reach specific target markets.

1 in 3 of the UK population makes a trip to the Post Office every week, accounting for over 17 million customer visits.

The most frequent post office users are people over 50, people living in rural areas, the disabled, and those on low incomes.

Post Offices are also a great way of targeting small business owners, 40% of whom visit the Post Office at least once a week.

Whilst queuing at Post Offices is practically a national sport, with comedian Richard Herring even running a mischievous #PostOfficeQueueLive twitter feed, this extended dwell time (in London average wait times range from 5 to 20 minutes) is a golden opportunity for advertisers.

1. Target the over-50s by advertising in post offices

One third of the UK population are over 50, but this group that includes all of the Baby Boomer generation feel excluded and underrepresented by brands and advertisers. Only 4% of the over-50 feel ads are aimed at them. This is quite staggering given that the over-50s account for around 47% of all UK consumer spending (£320 billion per year).

Book a digital Post Office panel with Bubble and take advantage of this gap in the market and target this neglected group.

2. Reach out to small business owners

Think through the ways in which you can appeal to small business owners.

Offer time-saving products

Although often cash strapped their biggest concern is that they are time poor. Offering time-saving products is a great way to motivate small business owners.

Offer products that can boost profits or increase efficiency

Small businesses owners are looking for strategies to add value to their businesses. Demonstrate the value you can add to their business and they will be much more likely to reach into their wallets.

3. Make use of extended dwell time

Audiences will have prolonged exposure to your ads unlike the creatives they flit by rapidly on the street. This means you can tailor your ad to raise the curiosity of your target audience. They may well wait for your ad to scroll round again if it caught their eye the first time.

Design an ad that benefits from repeated viewings. Also, take advantage of the fact the those waiting in line are likely to be bored and in need of distractions.

OOH can drive a 17% uptick in brand engagements via mobile, so think about using your ads to drive audiences to investigate further via their smartphones. This could be via a hashtag, catchy slogan, or even tweet-worthy creative.

4. Go Local

With over 11,500 local Post Office branches up and down the UK, this is a great way to target local areas.

If you are targeting rural audiences this is a great way to reach them, with Post Offices at the heart of local communities.

5. Be flexible

Digital OOH is very flexible and is therefore available in shorter blocks. Digital allows you to choose which days and what time of day you wish to run your campaign. You can also deliver localised versions of the same campaign without the fuss of printing and posting physical posters. Embrace this flexibility to forge an engaging campaign.

Get in touch with us to find out more about booking a digital screen at a Post Office.

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