Ad Review: Lurpak ‘Light Lovers’ Campaign

Image showing Lurpak Light Lovers ad campaignImage by:

Lurpak have kicked off 2018 by launching their “Go Wild Light Lovers” campaign, featuring a series of outdoor billboards tailored to local areas. Presumably this is timed to coincide with the hoards of people who have made New Year’s Resolutions to eat more healthily.

The Lurpak “Light Lovers” outdoor creatives are part of Arla Food’s ambitious strategy to get Lurpak into the FMCH top ten brands list by 2020.

To become a leading nationwide name, the butter brand will need to win the hearts and minds of the many communities that make up our nation. Notice how this outdoor poster evokes the notion of “light lovers of Exeter”:

Lurpak Light Lover bus stop ad

By doing so, Lurpak encourage the notion of a community, routed to a particular area, who are “light lovers”. Whilst the term “light lovers” is fairly ambiguous, it has connotations of people who select for healthier, lighter options as part of their diet. Lurpak are connecting the notion of healthy eating to their spreadable butter brand. This is consistent with their website branding, which features healthy meal selections and detailed breakdowns of their product range; emphasising the “natural” ingredients of Lurpak Spreadable.

The outdoor ads, run by BD Network, are part of a wider, integrated campaign; including Facebook content, and YouTube videos. Arla and Lurpak plan to invest 25% of their marketing spend in digital. This is a good focus for a brand that puts an emphasis on raising awareness of healthy dairy products and encourages nutritious eating, but the presence of outdoor assets lends weight and authority to these kinds of multi-channel campaigns.

So far, Lurpak have demonstrated effective use of seasonal and public holidays to create engaging outdoor campaigns. Their recent Lurpak Christmas tree could be seen as a cheeky pastiche of Jack Daniels’ “barrel tree” campaign.

Conjoined with the #ChristmasDeservesLurpak tag, the campaign showed a brand on a mission to optimise their reach via outdoor advertising.

christmas deserves Lurpak campaign- image showing a tree of Lurpak containersChristmas deserves Lurpak campaign

image showing Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Christmas treeJack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Tree

Lurpak, a Danish butter brand founded by a group of Dairy Farmers in 2001 and bought up by Arla Foods in 2012, continue to show high ambition. Their spreadable range was an attempt to broadside the margarine industry by combining the taste of real butter with the spreadabilty of marge’.

They work hard to build a creative, positive attitude and to build brand identity in a saturated (pun intended) market.

Their previous outdoor campaigns include their 2014 “Wonder Awaits” ads, promoting their Cook’s Range brand.

Image showing Lurpak wonder awaits advertisementsImage by:

The campaign was aimed at everyday cooks with big ambitions, and was itself a follow up to the previous year’s award-winning “Weave Your Magic” ad which focussed on how to create delicious meals with ordinary ingredients.

There’s a strand of populism (“Jamie Oliverism” if you like) to Lurpak, which should keep them in good stead as they attempt to become the champions of British dairy.

No doubt we’ll see more creative campaigns from the innovative butter brand spread (sorry, we can’t stop the puns) throughout 2018. Presumably this will include an expansion of the Light Lovers strand, and further attempts to butter us all up. Ok, that’s enough of the butter puns, we’re off to make a sandwich.


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