When it comes to a successful marketing strategy, adding outdoor advertising should be a no-brainer

Adding outdoor advertising to a marketing strategy

Outdoor advertising or Out-of-Home (OOH) used to be a marketing tool reserved for big brands with big budgets. Now it’s a valuable tool for all marketers and a medium that every campaign can benefit from.  

Add OOH to your marketing mix

Savvy marketers have come to learn that one content piece or campaign can be reused in multiple ways. One strategic photograph can become a case study, a blog, a social post and a billboard.

OOH isn’t just about creative on a billboard. A fully integrated outdoor advertising campaign can deliver reach and results like nothing else. Adding it to the mix for your client is a no-brainer. OOH exposes your clients brand to a wider population than any other advertising channel.

A 2009 Arbitron Survey went to a lot of trouble to find out how consumers react to outdoor advertising. While the results were from American respondents, the success of the medium is clear. 71% of those surveyed often look at messages on billboards and 37% looked at an outdoor ad each or most times they passed one.

The results are clear

OOH reaches 98% of the UK population at least once a week. If the digital marketing sector is more your comfort zone – utilising digital techniques for outdoor advertising is the best way to get great results.

In this survey comparing recall results of TV, Radio, Digital and OOH, OOH had a significant recall compared to the other mediums.

Utilising OOH doesn’t mean you stop using other mediums though – it’s another fantastic tool in your arsenal. One that works so well as an integrated campaign.

Outdoor advertising combines incredibly well with social media, but that’s just the start of what you can do. Radio, QR Codes, Video and moving copy, Bluetooth, Facial recognition – OOH isn’t just a billboard. OOH communicates directly to your target audience as they go about working, shopping and during leisure time.

Outdoor ads such as this one, use hashtags to create an integrated marketing strategy

Image: https://static.adweek.com/adweek.com-prod/wp-content/uploads/files/blogs/neflix-daredevil-ooh-final-hed-2016.jpg

So now you know what you can add to your client’s OOH campaign – how do you track success?

Tools for data-driven OOH

  • API Integration: add a location snippet in your site code to breakdown increased site traffic by geography, driven by OOH.
  • Geographic Surveys: track brand awareness (by postal code) in the areas surrounding your OOH locations.
  • Movement Tracking: to quantify the increase in foot traffic an ad drives to a location.
  • Landing Page Strategy: use your digital skills to create a campaign specific landing page that you can track traffic and see spikes during your display period.

That’s just a taste of the ways that you can track the success.

Outdoor advertising has been proven to work, and the data can prove it

Image: https://marketingweek.imgix.net/content/uploads/2016/04/27093519/graphic-1.jpg?auto=compress,format,&crop=faces,entropy,edges&fit=crop&q=60&w=980&h=

How to buy the best for your client

Marketplace models like Bubble make finding OOH simple for agencies. Using maps, filtered search and demographic information – you can find the right target market for your client’s campaign.

There are a host of OOH options available. From bus stops and billboards, to digital options in shopping centres, taxis, buses and more. You can buy inventory in multiple forms in multiple locations, and upload your artwork online for quick campaign results.

If your client is new to OOH and only ready to dip their toe in, you only need to buy what you want to use. That means you can target the ideal audience in a specific location to have the captive audience you’re chasing.

Outdoor advertising is a targeted medium like no other. Want to talk to students on a budget? Search the map for locations near education spots or high-density student accommodation. Struggling to get traffic in your retail store? Digital OOH within shopping centres is a great way to inspire your ideal audience to head towards your store.

There’s only one trick to your OOH. Know your audience. As soon as you know where they are, it’s a simple road to being front of mind.

The beauty of a service like Bubble is that while they have all the tools online to track and book your campaigns, they still have real humans (shock) working behind the scenes. Bubble is tried and tested to ensure you get the most success out of your OOH experience.

So if you can’t find the location, OOH type or campaign period that your client needs, just utilise Bubble’s planning service to make the most of the pitch.

If you’re ready to get searching and booking, click here to get started.

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