Advantages of Digital OOH Screens

digital ooh screens in times square

DOOH, or Digital out-of-home screens are dynamic display screens targeting ads to audiences when they are out and about outside the home.

BrandScience recommend that 45% of your OOH budget be directed to digital, which is rolling out across the UK at a fast pace.

Digital screens are better received by consumers than generic ads, according to Online Testing Exchange.

Digital OOH screens have a dynamism and flexibility that print displays simply don’t have. With digital OOH it’s easy to deliver targeted, relevant content to audiences.

For example, with Bubble you can now deliver your creatives to digital portrait displays in a range of local Post Offices and Golf Clubs across the UK via our online booking map.

digital ooh panels advertising in a post office

This means you can take advantage of the significant dwell time provided by these venues and get your brand in front of audiences outside to the often cluttered outside advertising environment.

In terms of flexibility, digital OOH is unprecedented. Some recent high profile examples of the dynamic use of digital OOH screens include the recent Cancer Research UK Race for Life campaign that was delivered to key London screens via the extensive Hello London digital network in the capital.

The screens displayed creatives garnered from live social media posts from actual race supporters in a fantastic example of an integrated campaign that would have been unthinkable before the advent of digital OOH.

Technological advances for digital out-of-home screens

The scope offered by digital OOH is massive thanks to the development of eye tracking technology that delivers content at times of maximum exposure, as well as gender recognition, identifying groups of consumers from individuals and even being able to recognise makes of car.

Vehicle recognition is now in place in London’s Holland Park Roundabout, delivering tailored ads with cheeky slogans like “Hello, you in the silver hatchback…”.

Data harnessing

Digital OOH screens are fit for an increasingly data driven age.

Mobile data tracking is used to track mobile users’ journeys through their day like Clear Channel’s RADAR system. It uses anonymous aggregated data to analyse direction of travel, billboard viewability, and visits to specific destinations. This data is mapped against Clear Channel billboard sites to reach “specific behavioural audiences”. Despite the obvious ethical issues that arise with such data use, the advantages of granular data mining should be obvious.

using smartphone tracking alongside digital ooh screens

Continental Tyres used digital screens in their Euro 2016 campaign to pull in user’s tweets (fan predictions and messages) via a hashtag, as well as present match stats and pre-match countdowns.

Smart City integration

birds eye view of smart city

Although the Smart City world of digitally networked, information sharing civic spaces is in its relative infancy, digital OOH screens are central to it and are clearly the future of out-of-home.

As the advantage of digital OOH screens becomes more apparent, we can sum up four essential advantages for your brand:

1. Prestige

Put simply, digital screens are pretty impressive. They make an impact with audiences who associate digital displays with innovative technologies.

2. Flexibility

You can display a range of tailored creatives timed to deliver at appropriate times, at the click of a few buttons.

3. Dynamism

Embellish a once static medium with live data, social media feeds, and user-reactive technology.

4. Affordability

With rapid innovation in digital screen technology, digital OOH is now within the grasp of small and medium sized enterprises.

If this post has inspired you to bring digital OOH to your marketing mix, take advantage of our new digital screens today.

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