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How brands have adapted their Outdoor Advertising during Coronavirus

Big brands right down to small independent businesses have been forced to rethink how best to use already paid for out-of-home advertising space during the coronavirus pandemic. Bubble Outdoor has scoured the UK to find signs of outdoor advertising when there has been barely any audience to advertise to because of lockdown measures. While some […]

The Benefits of Advertising in Railway Stations

According to official Network Rail figures, 1.7 billion people travel by train every year in the UK. A a result, Railway Stations represent a huge opportunity for you to target a diverse audience with creative advertising campaigns. Here’s how you can maximise the benefits of advertising in railway stations. Target different audiences by advertising in […]

Introducing New Railway Station Advertising Bundles

Looking for ways to advertise in Railway Stations? We’re not surprised. Railway Station advertising is one of the most sought after advertising environments on the Bubble platform. With huge footfall, high dwell times and close proximity to shopping, advertising in railway stations across the UK is a no brainer for brands. Now, as well as […]

Types of Outdoor Advertising That Will Engage Audiences

According to a recent consumer survey, outdoor advertising has a 55% trust level among the UK’s general public. If a large percentage of the British public trusts outdoor advertising media, it means they’re engaging with it. But which types of outdoor advertising grab attention best? 1. Bus Stop Advertising Approximately 3 million people travel on […]

Signkick becomes Bubble Outdoor

Since being founded in 2012, Signkick’s mission has been to make the planning and purchase of Out Of Home advertising simpler, more affordable and more accessible to everyone. Our easy to use online platform has helped thousands of companies, brands and individuals complete OOH advertising campaigns across the UK. Today we’re excited to announce the […]