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iBeacons: smart billboards that connect to your phone

iBeacons are an Apple protocol that most of us probably haven’t heard of or aren’t familiar with it. In layman’s terms, iBeacon technology allows iPhone users to connect wirelessly to other devices and electronic setups that use ‘beacons’ to transmit information. And they’re causing a stir in the advertising world as it enables adverts to […]

Outdoor advertising for Gyms, Fitness Centres and Sports Clubs: Now is the time to book your outdoor advertising space

January is the most competitive time for outdoor advertising for gyms, fitness centres and sports clubs. It might seem early to be thinking about it, but it’s only four months away and spaces are filling up fast. When it comes to booking the ideal advertising panels, timing is everything. So get ahead of the competition and book […]

Outdoor Advertising Jargon Buster

What is OOH? Don’t know your NFC from your CPT? Not sure how to calculate the Gross Rating Point for your 48 sheet? When you step into the world of outdoor advertising you enter a minefield of business jargon and acronyms that can leave even the savviest of us scratching our heads in despair. We want to […]

Why outdoor advertising works for franchisees and small businesses

Every day consumers are inundated with adverts. Online and offline. It can be pretty overwhelming and it’s often easy to ignore them; they’ve become an accepted part of life. So how can small companies and franchisees compete amongst all this marketing clutter? How can you advertise your business without becoming just another ineffective, annoying advert?  […]