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Beginner’s Guide To Outdoor Advertising

Walk outside and you’re immediately exposed to a variety of outdoor advertising, from bus stop shelters to massive billboards. Have you ever thought about outdoor advertising for yourself? Bubble provides you with a quick an easy advertising booking platform so you can see your ad appear outdoors too. Find out if this is the right […]

3 Easy Steps To Reach Your Audience

Elements such as design and clarity of message are very important when it comes to the success of your ad, but only if the campaign reaches the right audience. Therefore, before designing a campaign, you should first clearly define your audience and their specific habits. Do not let your ad speak to deaf ears! There […]

Christmas Marketing for Small Businesses: How to beat the Big Brands

The seasonal rush is almost upon us, and all the major brands will have been perfecting their Christmas marketing campaigns for months now. So how can small businesses with limited resources compete with the multi-million budget Christmas advertising campaigns of big brands? Here are some Christmas marketing ideas for small businesses that you can put […]

Real Estate Advertising Gets Creative

Thought about advertising on your back? China just took this idea to a whole new level. Last month we found a housing fair in Jilin City exposing a new variety of real estate advertising where agents draw a body paint floor plan to attract potential new homeowners. This is a great example of how even […]

Advertising A Work Of Art

Between 12-25 August 2013, 22,000 outdoor advertisements on billboards and bus-stops were replaced with reproductions of popular artwork in the UK. How’s that for an outdoor gallery? It’s literally “Art Everywhere”. The 2-week project had advertisers donating over £3 million worth of outdoor advertising space to be temporarily replaced with artwork. It was great to […]

Finding images for outdoor advertising

When it comes to finding images for outdoor advertising, it can be tricky to know where to source them from. Are there images that you can use for free? Do you need to site which source you got them from? Is it better to create your own images, or should you just invest in professional stock […]

Book Outdoor Advertising With Credit Card!

We’ve gone plastic! Bubble is happy to announce credit card integration to our outdoor advertising booking service. We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express, although we still offer invoicing as an alternative option. You really have no excuse now not to book with us – our self-service booking system is a one-stop shop to get […]

3 Tips For Creating An Effective Billboard Ad

In order for your billboard ad or bus panel to be noticed, and most importantly, remembered, you need to follow some basic rules before you engage in anything too adventurous.   With the outdoor advertising medium becoming increasingly popular even among small businesses, it is important that your ad is straightforward enough, so it can […]

Spice Up Your Outdoor Advertising Campaign

If you don’t feel too adventurous about your outdoor campaign, and QR codes or NFC tags are not really your thing, then there are plenty of other options to consider when it comes to enhancing your strategy. Check below for Bubble’s top three marketing tips for outdoor advertising to give your campaign the necessary marketing edge […]