Benefits of Location Based Advertising

In this digital age, many people think the most effective way to reach an audience is through TV commercials or online ads. But the benefits of location-based advertising are not to be underestimated. We’re not talking about the localised advertisements your mobile device might present to you: we’re talking about the good old-fashioned physical advertisements like billboards, signs, and posters. It may be the oldest form of advertising, but outdoor advertising has many great advantages, particularly when it comes to location-based advertising.

Benefits of Location Based Advertising

The benefits of location-based advertising for small businesses

First off, location-based advertising allows you to specifically target demographics in local areas. For businesses that don’t have a massive online representation, it can be difficult to get the word out about your services to your local area. Billboards, posters and other forms of location-based advertising are great ways to rectify that issue, allowing you to get some exposure in your local area. It’s a great way to initiate a customer relationship with people that live near your business and are likely to patronise it.

This coincides with another benefit, in the form of local company reputation

Clearly, when you are a local business, having a reputation in your specific area is paramount to success. Location-based advertising makes it easier to build that necessary reputation by giving the same local populace plenty of reminders about your presence and services. Unlike large-scale online companies, local companies will often be presenting themselves to the same demographic. That said, it’s important to ensure that such local advertisement can be seen on a regular basis, such as a billboard on a popular road.

Location-based advertising is also very affordable

It’s not at all expensive to get your name and services out there for a decent length of time. Some spaces can be hired for two weeks for only £144. Needless to say it is a very cost-effective method of getting exposure for your company, as it is many times cheaper than paying for a TV commercial or designing a new website.

You also get more return on your investment, since you have specifically targeted your desired demographics to maximise your sales. With more exposure and advertisement aimed at the specific group of customers you’re trying to reach, your chances of selling to them are greatly increased.

Guaranteed exposure to the relevant people

Finally, the best part about location-based advertising is that it guarantees exposure for your company. Even if people aren’t particularly interested in what you have to offer, they’ll nevertheless be exposed to it, since there really is no escaping billboards and posters. Bored shuttle riders will likely glance at and read your advertisements, and almost every driver looks up at a billboard when they pass it. Even if subconsciously, passers-by are likely to look at and remember your advertisement’s message.

That said, location-based advertising does bear quite a few benefits compared to other forms of advertising. Whilst still important, online isn’t the only way to go. Often, the benefits of location-based advertising can be far more effective with an outdoor advertising campaign.

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  1. Luke Smith
    Luke Smith says:

    It’s good to know that the reason why you can only see billboard signs on strategic locations is that owners need to maximize the community’s engagement to build a good reputation. My brother plans to advertise his unit through different promotional materials, but he isn’t sure if he wants to invest in it because he’s going to release a lot of money. This may cost him, but I will recommend renting billboard signage along the service road near our house so that passersby can see it and probably inquire.


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