5 benefits of long term out of home advertising

How long should my billboard be up?

Whilst there are obvious plus-points to short term advertising, the benefits of long term out of home advertising are far more persuasive. A truly effective advertising strategy involves playing the long game. Here are five good reasons why renting long-term ad space for six months or more pays off.

1. Building brand awareness and engagement

Perhaps the most obvious form of advertising is what’s known as sales activation: messages designed to directly prompt purchasing behaviour. Two-week placements are a great way of doing this. But brief is not always beautiful. One of the benefits of long-term out of home advertising is building brand awareness. Familiarise audiences with your brand, your messaging, and USP over an extended period of time.

Research has shown that there is a 60:40 ratio of long-term brand building effectiveness versus short term sales activation. The fact that many brands are ignoring this can be turned to your advantage. Follow the logic of the data and you can put yourself ahead of the competition.

Nielsen have found that OOH is seen by consumers as the last influencing factor before a purchase, and over 70% of people can be influenced to buy an advertised product. There’s just no good reason to pull the plug on such wide and effective exposure.

2. Reserving the best locations

OOH is a competitive market. Successful brands know the values of OOH over other kinds of advertising. Quality space in prime locations comes at a premium. And marketers have a keen eye on the competition- what works and what doesn’t. You may reap the benefits of a well-placed two-week campaign, only to have your spot taken by a rival brand with an eye on the long-term.

3. Engage with new customers

benefits of long term out of home advertising

Outsmart research shows that 57% of consumers who engage with OOH advertising via their mobiles are new or lapsed customers. Long-term campaigns will provide a steady stream of potential new consumers, many of whom can be turned in to loyal customers if you play your cards right. Why would you want to turn that particular tap off?

4. Tap in to the psychology of routines

A long-term advertising campaign will help imbed your messaging into the daily experience of many thousands of people. Repeat exposure to branding will make your audience familiar with your product and will begin to influence their long-term consumer choices.

5. Present prestige

benefits of long term out of home advertising

How to put this? Legitimacy matters. The simple fact that your brand’s OOH ads stay up for a long time will send a message to your audience that your brand is legit; that it is here for the long run and should be treated in the same way as big hitters like McDonalds, Virgin Media, or Coca Cola.

Renting your ad-space for 6 months or more will help you reap the benefits of long term out of home advertising.

For small or medium-sized companies, investing in long-term advertising is to invest in building the future success of your product or service. And in this digital age, the costs are coming down; giving smaller companies the ability to punch in the weight class of their more established rivals.

We are here to simplify and streamline the purchasing and execution of your OOH campaign with our integrated online booking platform. Drop us a line to discuss how the benefits of long term out-of-home can help your brand.

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