A closer look on the map of what opportunities are available in the area

How to book outdoor advertising with Bubble

So you’ve already made the fantastic decision to harness the branding power that is out of home advertising, or OOH. Now – how do you actually go about buying the space you want?

Once limited to big brands with even bigger budgets, Bubble’s marketplace is making it easy for anyone to target their customers.

Where to start

If you’re on this page, you probably know how effective OOH advertising can be for your brand exposure and campaign goals – if you haven’t, you can read more about how OOH will be the only medium to show growth this year at an estimated 3.4%.

Now that you’re a convert to the power of OOH, you can start booking your local advertising with Bubble Outdoor’s online platform.

First things first – haven’t got an account with Bubble yet? You know the drill – enter your email address then wait for the verification message to hit your inbox (it takes just a jiffy), then create your password and you’re ready to start searching.


A map showing OOH advertising opportunities where you search

A page that looks something like this will be there to get you started. This is where you can plug in the details of your upcoming campaign to make it easier to search. Need a bit more help deciding how to start? 
This guide to to OOH might help.

Use the filtered search bar on the left to choose the type of space you’d like to book, and select your campaign start and end times.


A zoomed in look at all the advertising options Bubble offers in an area

You can click on the pointers on the map to see extra details of the space you’re looking at including the type of OOH available, and the indicative price per week. By clicking on ‘Details’ in the bottom right corner of the box you’ll get to see even more information about the space.

Bubble shows you the exact location of your advertising space and how long it's available for

As you can see in the example here, this space is available during the weeks entered in the search box – and you can even see exactly where the billboard space is located to help you plan your campaign down to the finer details.

If you didn’t notice already, you can narrow down your search by the cost per week – although once you’ve seen the results generated by this medium, price will be the last consideration.

After choosing your location and length of campaign, just use the button on the bottom right to ‘Add panel to campaign’. This saves your choice to a shopping cart of sorts so that you can add multiple locations before you reach the payment section. You may notice quite a range of prices across the board, the price of OOH advertising comes down to 4 main factors:

  1. Location
  2. Size
  3. Audience
  4. Display time

Then we get to the creative stuff.

Finalising your order

So, you’ve found the ideal spots to make your campaign really sing. Now it’s time to hand over the content to make it all come to life. You can choose to upload your design yourself, or use the incredibly good value ad layout design service from Bubble for just £100.

This final payment stage will secure your advertising booking


All you have to do is send your logo and headline and Bubble’s team of designers will do the rest for you. They’ll save it to your file and you can reuse it as much as you want. It couldn’t be simpler.

Give your campaign a name, so that you can identify it later, and you’re almost done.

As is the case with most e-commerce sites, fill in your details, choose your payment type (we offer credit card to make life easy and get things moving quickly) and you’ve booked your first campaign with Bubble.

OOH Advertising with Bubble

Never before has it been so simple for small businesses, marketers or even agencies to buy OOH spaces. For small businesses, Bubble is pretty revolutionary – because you now have the power to find the exact panel to suit your business goals – without the usual minimum order quantities required from big media owners.

By purchasing your OOH through Bubble, you also have a dedicated planning team with over 50 years of experience to help advise you on the campaign for your target audience. Bubble may even be able to secure panels that show as unavailable for your time period.

You can view the range of spaces available on the Bubble website, but if there’s something you want that you can’t see online, just contact the team.

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