Combine OOH with Online Advertising to Drive Search

When it comes to outdoor advertising, there’s not much it can’t do. While some used to think of it as the grandfather of marketing strategies, digital out of home (DOOH) has helped to shine a light on the potential, and out of home’s day in the sun is well and truly here. To make the most of the medium, you’re spoiled for choice with creative, innovative, technologically advanced ideas.

OOH equals brand building with serious results

As a society, we’ve all become extreme digital-natives. There’s basically no occasion that doesn’t require the internet placed firmly in your hand to converse, broadcast, entertain or research. Because of this, we’re all a bit worn out from the thousands of messages we receive each and every day.

The key difference to other advertising mediums and outdoor advertising is location-based marketing. Because OOH catches your customer unawares while they’re out and about living their normal life, your messaging becomes a powerful interaction between your brand and your target customer. There’s less noise in the medium, so you don’t have to shout to compete. And when you combine traditional billboards with the power of digital – you’ve got a real hit on your hands.

We know that online advertising is a quick and relatively cost-effective way to reach a broad audience, but with so many messages, pop-ups and clutter online it can be easy to get lost. That’s why combining outdoor advertising with online advertising is creating such effectiveness. According to Les Binet and Peter Field’s recent IPA study, OOH continues to deliver more than 90% reach. That’s not that surprising when you consider the fact that 98% of us see at least 1 billboard or outdoor ad each week!

Technology combines with this traditional medium to get fantastic interactive campaigns with mass attention.


Combine outdoor with online to make the most of ad placement

Data is the lifeblood of most marketers. To make the most of your out of home campaign, you want to know how many people in your target audience have interacted with your ad. By using geofencing in the area around your ads, you can gain access to valuable insights that help influence your future campaigns.

Geofencing is simply a way for you to speak more directly to your ideal persona as they use their smartphones in places they’re already frequenting. When it comes to combining outdoor and online, it’s typically best done in areas where there’s already a large population spending time, like airports, cinemas, train stations or shopping centres. To reach the right person in the right place –  geofencing is the most effective option. When you narrow down your audience with the right content, an increase in your ROI is a natural by-product.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, adding OOH to any media mix, but especially digital, can increase the reach of your campaign by up to 316%.

How to make the most of your combined outdoor and online campaign

The best thing about out of home is that advertisers are forced to humanise the interaction.  It means that we as marketers have to be a bit more clever and targeted in our approach, which only does great things for brand loyalty and customer experience.

By utilising the mix of the two mediums, you can gain more data, get more engagements and get real, trackable conversions that result in customers who genuinely want to interact with your brand.

Some other ways of making the most of your outdoor advertising, particularly with DOOH are:

  • Social interactions. If it wasn’t posted on Instagram, did it even happen? Particularly effective with millennials, adding a social element to your out-of-home drives greater brand engagement.
  • Full-motion is a great way to build emotional connections. You can do anything from short movies to news and sports highlights, or even create original content for specific locations.
  • Flexibility. With traditional billboards, planning months in advance for static messaging was the norm. Now you can pick and choose the key times or days to make the most of your placement.
  • Location-specific ad content. Make the most of where you choose to place your ad by making your content even more relevant to the people who see it on their regular commute.
Charities have embraced digital billboards with the ability to get donations in the moment by using interactive outdoor advertising that appeals to emotions.


Adding OOH to your campaign strategy should always be part of the plan

The technology available to turn your usual marketing strategy to a full-blown advertising campaign is easy to use and will work wonders for growing brand awareness, driving sales or launching products. As DOOH continues to evolve and improve, we’re really only starting to see the potential. The key to everything that’s being developed is that it allows us all to get to know our customers better through the mobile footprint of the audience, and that’s what’s really important.

By building that one-on-one relationship, we’re showing customers that they’re valued. That builds trust with our brand, and brand loyalty comes at a premium. To combine OOH and digital, it’s so important to plan with the end in mind.

To make the most of your location-based marketing strategy, use Bubble’s unique planning tools to pick and choose the best size, spots and dates from the comfort of your office. If you need a bit more help, just get in touch.

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