Outdoor advertising is a great medium to use to get the most you can when fundraising for charities

Cost-effective Outdoor Advertising for Charities

Whether you’re promoting an event, campaigning for a cause or driving for more donations – outdoor advertising is the perfect way to reach a wider audience. In fact, 98% of people see at least one outdoor advert each week, and you can narrow down the focus of your audience with Bubble.

Why outdoor advertising works for charities

While TV used to be the medium of choice for charity advertising, due to the storytelling nature of the campaigns, there is a definite shift towards outdoor advertising replacing those 30-second spots.

One of the best things about outdoor advertising (OOH) is without a doubt the amount of attention you get with a small investment. You can also hand-pick the ideal location to target the right donor, rather than the broadcasting effect of TV.

But if you’ve got the budget, and TV is still working for you adding OOH can bolster the reach of TV by 18%, Combining OOH with Radio sees an increase of 45%, Social Media 212% and Mobile 316%.

OOH lends itself to charity advertisers in the way you can engage with people in real life. Clever marketers utilise the medium to bring the stories into people’s everyday lives and encourage action at the moment.

These Oxfam OOH posters in key commuter areas are a great way for the charity to gain attention

Image: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/513bcfe4e4b0009a8de787b1/5169b2a5e4b0fdc6c23e4c6b/518fdcd8e4b0d03df1ff0ff1/1368382682456/TrailTrekker_posters_trainstation-cropped2.jpg?format=1000w

OOH – the flexible, affordable option for charities

It’s become clear that most industries are finding things challenging, but none more so than the not-for-profit sector. That’s why it’s so important to make strategic decisions to help assist in the success of a charity advertising campaign. Choosing an advertising strategy that can provide evidence and insight is part of ensuring an effective business strategy. It can also assist your charity moving forward.

While out-of-home for charities used to be quite a basic interaction, new technologies have combined tech and innovation with outdoor advertising. Some billboards use contactless payment as the interactive element. Others harness the power of digital out-of-home (DOOH) with a motion sensor or augmented reality.

The “look at me” campaign from Women’s Aid used DOOH on a grand scale, with audience recognition technology. The display creative saw a woman’s bruised face heal when more and more people took the time to notice and engage with the shocking image.

The "Look at me" campaign from Women's Aid used digital outdoor advertising in large format and integrated technology so the audience could interact with the billboard.

Image: https://cached.imagescaler.hbpl.co.uk/resize/scaleWidth/743/cached.offlinehbpl.hbpl.co.uk/news/OMC/womensaidpic-20150309104028683.jpg

Missing People in the UK used nationwide locations to quickly update information about missing children in relevant regions. The call-to-action drove the audience to sign up to its Child Rescue Alert service, and the campaign delivered with over 20,000 registrations.

So now that you know how to use OOH effectively, who do you target?

Cost-effective advertising solutions for not-for-profits

Identifying who your ideal customer is, is the first step in deciding where to place your ads.

Understanding who is already contributing to not-for-profits, and who isn’t, can help you strategically target the right geographic location and ideal demographic.

When it comes to charity donation stats – women are more generous than men. The most popular causes, in order, are medical research, children and young people followed by hospitals and hospices. Meanwhile – those aged 45 and up are typically the most likely to be involved in charitable giving, and most of us prefer a monetary donation over other forms.

So now you know that women, aged 45 and over are the most likely to donate, where does that leave the millennials? Today’s donors and volunteers are tech-savvy, reactive, and actively involved online. To get in with that crowd, you have to ensure your campaign creative hits the right mark.

Successful philanthropic advertising is all in the creative

There’s a genuine ‘feel-good’ element to being charitable. By stimulating the desire to support, donors tend to give more time and money.

The outdoor advertising audience is aware and receptive to advertising, especially when it comes to charitable creative. The eye-catching creative draws the viewer into the story. Plus, the fact that the interaction draws the participant into a real-life emotional connection that helps capitalise on the moment. That also helps to build a relationship and brand awareness with donors.

Some great ways to break into a tight pocket?

  • Utilise the technology at your disposal. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to VR, AR, motion sensors or whatever else – you can still make a real impact. Hashtags,  unique URL’s, or donations via text or an app will still allow for maximum impact.
  • Make the most of the location. Changing your copy based on geographic location and seeking out the perfect spots with Bubble can help you speak to your local audience, making the entire transaction more personable.
  • Don’t try to fit your entire mission onto a billboard. Call out the USP’s and how a viewer can help.

Your budget is your business, but how it can translate into a successful campaign, well that’s Bubble’s speciality. Confused about where to start, how to book or how big is too big? Just get in touch with the team to ramp up the donations for your not-for-profit.

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