Digital displays: everything you need to know

Image showing subway filled with digital displays for outdoor advertising

Out of home advertising (OOH) is a fantastic way to reach out to people outside the home, and digital out-of-home (DOOH) takes advantage of the flexibility and increased impact of modern display technology.

As well as providing eye-grabbing alternatives to roadside billboards and street kiosks, digital displays can reach audiences in locations typical outdoor assets don’t reach.

DOOH screens are supremely flexible advertising assets. Unlike print posters which display all the time, digital ads can be delivered at a frequency that suits your budget and campaign needs. You can display 10 second static or full motion ads from twice every 120 seconds to multiple times a minute. And from £50 per week per panel, digital displays are a very affordable way to reach audiences across the country; for anything from short sales activation pushes to long-term brand building campaigns.

Get your brand featured on digital panels across the country; just hop on our interactive panel map and start building a top notch digital campaign today.

Digital displays in offices

Digital ad displays in office buildings are becoming increasingly common as employers look to digital signage to communicate to large workforces, and firms work with a range of different clients in an age where digital communication is at a premium.

Digital office screens can show a 10 second static or full motion ad a range of times in two minute blocks, for as little as £150 per week.

image showing examples of digital displays

These displays will help you reach a wide ranging and engaged workforce and keep your brand front-of-mind at key points in the working day of millions of employees. They are also a great way to reach out to executive audiences.

Digital ad panels in golf clubs

You can display ten second ads in golf clubs up and down the country from £50 per week. Regular golfers tend to be in their late forties and above, whilst irregular players tend to be in the 30-50 bracket. These are usually people who have either secured a career or are enjoying retirement; that’s a lot of leisure spending potential to unlock.

Older people often feel that ads aren’t targeted to them, which is odd given that the over 50s hold around 70% of total UK household wealth.

image from Signkick showing an example of a digital display

To get your brand in front of affluent, older, typically male, audiences when they are in a social setting, consider displaying your ads on a golf club digital screen today.

Digital display panels in shopping malls

Despite the disruptive effect of online shopping, and economic uncertainty, the UK’s shopping malls continue to be a multi-billion pound industry, with millions of customers visiting every week and with average dwell times of 100 minutes.

image showing digital displays in a shopping mall

Digital shopping mall ads are trusted by shoppers, who use them to influence their purchasing decisions. DOOH in particular has an aesthetic appeal to consumers, and digital ads are perceived as brightening up the retail environment. This is an important aspect of the appeal of malls: they are not just shopping venues, they are public arenas for leisure and retail therapy.

Post offices

image showing digital displays in post offices

Post Offices are often neglected as a setting where brands can reach out to a wide audience. It’s possibly because there is something unglamorous about these spaces. But a third of the population visit Post Offices at least once a week, and they are particularly good places to reach out to the over 50s and small business owners. They are also a great place to reach out to rural audiences in all areas of the country.

Digital displays in petrol stations

The majority of adults in the UK drive, and trips to petrol stations are a part of weekly life for tens of millions. People are in need of distractions when filling up, browsing, and queueing to pay, and that’s exactly what your messages can deliver, taking advantage of an average dwell time of two minutes.

image showing digital displays in a petrol station

Forecourt panels display your ten second ad once every 90 seconds, reaching a potential audience of 1.4 million every day. Screens can be booked in multiples of two week blocks and cost £72 per week.

Be part of the future of DOOH advertising

Research has shown the average US consumer is exposed to 1 hour of digital out-of-home ads every week, and this figure will only continue to grow.

The use of full motion content in DOOH advertising is also becoming increasingly popular, with evidence demonstrating that motion ads are 250% more effective than static ads. Indeed, with digital design and animation becoming increasingly user-friendly with the prevalence of online content creation tools like Moovly, you can easily optimise your creatives with full motion artwork that can be uploaded remotely and appear on digital screen ten days later.

This is an exciting time for advertisers, because the DOOH assets that were once the domain of big budget brands are now within reach of small and medium sized businesses.

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