Digital outdoor advertising shapes and sizes

digital outdoor advertising shapes and sizes
The word revolution is a bit overused these days, but it’s fair to say that the possibilities presented by digital outdoor advertising are far-reaching.

Digital screens use clusters of LED lights to display high quality images to millions of consumers with near-perfect resolution. And technological advancements have brought them within the reach of the budget of SMEs as well as mega-brands.

Transport for London and Exterion Media are pioneering the integration of digital outdoor advertising across London’s transport hubs, in conjunction with state-of-the-art consumer behavior analysis tools, with their new Hello London media partnership.

Flexibility feeds creativity

Because of its flexibility, digital advertising is available in shorter blocks. Perhaps you want to advertise your vodka drink on Friday evenings rather than Monday mornings? Or maybe you want to display location-specific versions of the same poster at multiple sites. A few taps of a keyboard and it’s done.

Let’s take a look at the range of digital outdoor advertising shapes and sizes that Bubble offers.

Forecourt screens

With trips to the petrol station a fixture in the weekly routine of millions of commuters, digital forecourt screens transmit your message to a captive audience in need of distraction as they fill and queue.

With an average dwell time of two minutes, forecourt advertising gives your brand up-close contact with consumers, with face recognition technology gathering detailed audience data.

Digital 6-sheets (D6s)

These are the most common format for digital posters. Ranging in size from 65 to 85 inches, D6s fit on the end of bus stops, in cinema foyers, in malls and outside convenience stores; reaching consumers close to the point of purchase.

Ideal for targeting urban families as well as young, aspirational audiences out and about on the high street, where the average trip lasts an hour and half. A study by JCDecaux revealed that digital 6-sheets placed in malls increase purchase intent by nearly 50% and have a major impact on brand awareness and ad recall.

Digital super 6-sheets

At 78 x 118 inches, these larger scale versions of the D6 have the same point-of-purchase value, but have the ability to cut through the surrounding advertising environment in an arresting way.


This is the digital version of the classic 20ft x 10ft billboard design. Lucozade made innovative use of the extra dimension digital can bring to a campaign with their ‘Find Your Flow’ adverts, synchronized to play alongside accompanying radio spots, giving drivers a simultaneous visual and audio experience.


PrimeSight have begun to roll out these 40ft x 10ft digital behemoths that can shout your message loud and proud. Extra wide, these are the equivalent of two D48s side by side.

D96s are for making a big statement. Perfect for grabbing the attention of commuters stuck in traffic who will read large-scale billboard advertising to pass the time.

Signs of the times

UK advertisers increased their spending on digital panels by 22% in 2015, with similar increases anticipated in 2016.

This is clearly a sector increasingly at the heart of modern advertising strategy. Find out how you can take advantage of digital outdoor advertising to take your brand message to the masses. Simply register to start searching now.

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