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Digital Outdoor Advertising: The What, The Why, The How

Digital signage is driving outdoor advertising into a new era. According to a study by Route, as of June 2019 there were 11,024 digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens active across the UK. But what is digital OOH? Why and how should you use it? 

Digital OOH | The What

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Digital OOH is essentially traditional outdoor advertising powered up by technology. Outdoor digital signage gives advertisers a much more dynamic way to target customers and analyse the results with geofencing, tracking, retargeting, personalisation, attribution and accurate measurement.

Imagine being able to personalise your advertising to a customer on a digital billboard as they approach or display your content across your town, city or the country in a matter of minutes.

What if you could target customers in real-time or have your advert appear on a dynamic digital OOH screen that changes content according to the time of day and weather?

This is what digital OOH is, the future of advertising.

Digital OOH | The Why 

The British public will see 1.1 billion digital OOH adverts over a week. The ability of digital out-of-home advertising to reach, target and retarget consumers on the go is what makes it so effective, and why you should use it as part of any marketing campaign.

Digital OOH appeals to today’s screen cultured society, too and goes hand in hand with mobile, giving DOOH advertisers advanced consumer targeting opportunities and greater insight into consumer habits. Additionally, digital OOH encourages increased customer interactivity with your brand.

A number of consumer studies identify that shoppers are highly likely to engage with digital OOH, increasing the likelihood of impulse spending. 

Digital OOH is expanding too, with screens appearing in new environments every week and widening the portfolio of out of home advertising.

Gone are the days when outdoor advertising was reserved for huge roadside billboards. Digital out-of-home advertising is spreading across town and city centres, transport hubs (bus stations, train stations, airports, taxi ranks and more) bus shelters, shopping centres, local amenities, sports venues, gyms, hotels and even offices are making use of DOOH.

Digital OOH is highly flexible and versatile and can deliver content in a huge assortment of formats including video, images, interactive and more, giving your out-of-home advertising an added edge that will engage audiences.

Outdoor digital signage is a highly cost-effective way to reach hundreds, thousands or millions of people, depending on the target audience of your advertising campaign. You can create a campaign that is localised or nationwide and it can go live in minutes. That’s the beauty compared to traditional OOH, which is far more labour intensive.

Digital OOH | The How 

Coordinating a digital OOH campaign is easy and cost-effective compared to traditional OOH advertising. DOOH represents an exciting opportunity for you, as an advertiser, to reach audiences in different environments in a strategic way.

Bubble Outdoor makes ‘the how’ of digital OOH completely hassle-free, giving you access to thousands of digital signage advertising opportunities with our specially designed ‘environment packs.’

We have just added around 25,000 screens to our digital OOH portfolio, representing a great opportunity for you to create a highly engaging, strategic advertising campaign on a local or national scale, using 2,500 city centre screens, digital bus shelters and large or small digital billboards.

Meanwhile, our environment packs allow you to run adverts, for a number of plays, across several screens within a given environment such as offices, railway stations and shopping malls, guaranteeing you a number of impressions. For example, you can use screens positioned in several offices across London or within Southampton railway station.

We make buying digital OOH space simple, with the option to choose environment packs to advertise on a day part basis (i.e. dividing the day into segments and scheduling your advert to appear at peak times of footfall) or based on the number of impressions or plays.

This gives you an easy way to coordinate your advertising campaign while keeping costs down. 

Talk to us about digital OOH 

You can setup and capitalise on the effectiveness of digital OOH from as little as £150 per week. Bubble’s planning service will help you coordinate your digital out-of-home advertising campaign.

You can also check out the Bubble panel map to find the advertising solution that suits you. Simply create an account with Bubble, then click on the drop-down on the map menu on the left-hand side of the screen and select the “digital” option. 

Enter a location and you can find digital assets in a wide range of locations. You can even select how many times your ad is displayed in a 120 second period, to get a reach that suits your budget.

There has never been a more exciting time for your brand to take advantage of the exciting advertising opportunities that digital OOH gives you.

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