What Is Digital Outdoor Advertising?

It is a trite thing to say that we now live in the age of digital. Given the technological changes around us, no wonder that outdoor advertising has seen a complete remaking during the last few years.

The digital medium can bring many benefits to your outdoor ad campaign. The new format ads are not only flexible and cost-saving but can also be interactive, building a better brand-customer relationship. They can also be tailored specifically to the company’s own needs, allowing for more creativity and effective marketing.

Digital outdoor advertising is more flexible

The big advantage of going digital is dynamism. By using digital screens, you can choose the time and frequency of your ads, which is particularly useful if you’re targeting a specific group. According to their habits and routines, you can maximise the efficiency of your campaign by displaying it at certain times of the day.

For example, if you sell stationery, you can choose to show your ad only around the hour parents pick up their kids from school. Similarly, if you’re advertising your ice-cream parlour, you can choose to display the ad only after the temperature outside has reached a certain point. Clever, isn’t it?

Digital outdoor advertising is interactive

Digital ads try not to only catch people’s attention, but to also build a link with them and engage them even further. Nowadays ads can incorporate touch screens, QR, NFC codes and the like that can make customers interact with product through their own mobile devices. They can also redirect them straight to social media accounts or the company’s own website, thus creating a link between the brand and the customer and maintaining it even after the initial contact with the outdoor ad.

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