Free outdoor advertising tricks

Small and medium-sized businesses know they need to advertise to grow sales but the perceived cost of advertising might often be prohibitive. But there is a saying that necessity is the mother of invention, so it is no surprise to find many SMEs looking for low-cost options, or better still, free advertising opportunities. The more innovative companies will look to their immediate surroundings and resources to find advertising locations they can utilise for free.

However, if you have discovered a route for free advertising outdoors the next question you will need to ask is are you free to advertise where you choose? There are a set of national guidelines for where and how you can advertise outdoors without the need to gain consent so make sure you consult these before ploughing ahead with your plans.

If you own the building you run your business from or if you rent but have the landlord’s permission then this can be an ideal place to advertise your services or the products you sell. This would not require permission as long as you adhere to the guidelines for the nature of signage you erect.

Any restrictions would normally be related to the size, height level or illumination of the signage itself. Although specific permission would be required if you were considering making use of a gable end for your advertising location. Forecourts are another obvious location for outdoor advertising but this should not be confused with displaying advertising on public pavements in front of your building.

In going beyond fixed signage on buildings SMEs can also consider vehicle wrapping or have signage applied to their company or staff cars which is a great way to get your message delivered further afield. Although vehicle signage application does have a cost attached when you consider what companies will pay to advertise in this way on black cabs you will quickly appreciate its cost effectiveness.

Additional free advertising in public places can also involve the use of signage advertising forthcoming events but the stipulations usually require the signage to put up no longer than 14 days before the event and must be removed within 14 days after the event.

Wherever you decide you can advertise without paying out for expensive official advertising locations remember that nothing is every entirely for free. After all, you will still need to produce the adverts themselves so you will have design and print costs – but it will be money well spent and you will know it hasn’t broken the bank!

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