Outdoor advertising for Gyms, Fitness Centres and Sports Clubs: Now is the time to book your outdoor advertising space

January is the most competitive time for outdoor advertising for gyms, fitness centres and sports clubs. It might seem early to be thinking about it, but it’s only four months away and spaces are filling up fast.

When it comes to booking the ideal advertising panels, timing is everything. So get ahead of the competition and book your outdoor advertising space now.

Outdoor advertising for Gyms, Fitness Centres and Sports Clubs

Why outdoor advertising for Gyms, Fitness Centres and Sports Clubs works

Outdoor advertising is all about reaching the right customer, in the right place, at the right time while they’re out and about in public spaces. The ads come in all shapes and sizes – from billboards, to bus shelters, phone boxes and digital screens. They can be placed in many public venues, including on buses, along the roadside and in shopping centres. With costs starting at £144 for two weeks, outdoor advertising is a cost effective, yet powerful way to promote your gym in your local neighbourhood.

To kick-start your January campaign we’ve put together a few top tips.

Tip #1. Define your audience

Think about the individuals who use your facility. If you’re based in a busy office region, are they desk workers fitting in a lunchtime workout or a quick session before they commute home? Maybe you run a gym or sports club in a residential area that pulls in customers for evening classes or weekend sessions.

Take some time to note down what defines your audience. You may have a whole variety of customers or perhaps your audience is very niche. Try to define why they use your facility.

By understanding your audience it can help you to best choose when and where to share your message through outdoor advertising.

For example, if your fitness centre is on a street with many offices, you’re likely to pull in 9-5 office workers. These individuals are travelling in and out of the office every day. They also take lunchbreaks giving you up to four opportunities a day to catch them as they head in and out of their office.

Tip #2. Beat the fear

Have you seen Sport England’s recent advert, This Girl Can? It’s powerful and tackles the biggest fear that women face in getting involved in sport and exercise: judgement. And I doubt it’s just the females alone with this fear.

So as you think about your messaging for your outdoor advertising campaign, picture your target audience. Imagine their fear of thinking about going to the gym or taking up a new sport and how you could persuade them that they will not face judgement.

Tip #3. Offer an incentive

Don’t automatically think monetary. Yes, deals are great and you could offer a January package that inspires people to get ready for the summer. But how about an incentive that helps new customers get over their fear of trying something new?

I recently decided to get back into tennis. I plucked up courage and messaged a local club. Almost immediately I got a reply from a member and was invited along to the club night. The member said they’d meet me outside and then introduce me to the others. This was amazing. It took away the initial fear factor.

Could you offer a local, friendly incentive to new customers that would encourage them to visit your sports club or gym over someone else’s? Think about personal trainers who could welcome newbies and induct them into their first session. You could make your advertising campaign relational by introducing your personal trainers over a series of weeks, making them the face of your adverts and your gym.

Get in touch to book your advertising space now

Make sure you’re ahead of the game and book your January ad space now. Use our online booking map to find the best spots in your local area. Simply zoom into the roads or bus stops that your customers will be frequenting and instantly book your advertising space.

Or contact us for more advice and information about booking your January gym campaign.

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