For the cut through you need for the best ROI, adding OOH to your marketing strategy is a no-brainer.

How OOH is becoming the marketers medium of choice

Every advertising medium seems to have its day in the sun, and for those companies that have the budget, using most or all of them to create a completely integrated campaign can be a fantastic way to be successful. If your budget isn’t unlimited, it’s a good idea to stay up-to-date with what really works, and what will pay for itself in ROI. Out-of-Home (OOH) is one medium that just never seems to go out of fashion. In fact, it’s only getting better with age.

OOH for marketers who want the best reach

With more and more people becoming wary of mobile, television and print marketing strategies, OOH is one traditional medium that only gets more popular. OOH reaches 98% of the UK population at least once a week, and even better they’re not changing channels, dismissing pop-ups or using ad-blockers!

This study on the effectiveness of OOH proves that even when up against online, TV, print and radio – the decision to add Out-of-Home to your campaign is easy. It’s estimated that most of us are exposed to around 5000 sponsored messages per day. Advertising has reached over-saturation point in most mediums, so how do you cut through the noise?

This campaign used Bubble to book locations that gain the most foot traffic for a strategic marketing push.

Outdoor advertising is one medium that allows a cynical consumer to curate their own content by being organic and unobtrusive by nature. Campaigns become part of the scenery at roadsides and bus stations where target customers are actually wanting to engage with advertising.

One great thing about OOH is its ability to communicate a clear and effective message. OOH is proven for effective brand building, helping marketers to drive successful long-term communication strategies that builds a relationship with your customers. Better still, including the medium in integrative brand building or activation models help to maximise campaign effectiveness further. In fact, research has suggested that combining OOH ads with mobile data can triple the effectiveness of outdoor campaigns.

OOH covers such a diverse portfolio of locations, that there’s plenty of options for reaching your ideal customer at just the right point in their day. From bus stop and train station ads for busy commuters to digital screens targeting those on a spree in shopping centres and supermarkets.

Outdoor the easy choice for results

Integrating outdoor and mobile for a successful campaign isn’t just a great idea from a brand-building perspective, it also allows you an even better way to measure an effective campaign and use the data in the future.

Facebook data is an easy way to see the rate which people like your page, and how much it’s boosted in the duration of your OOH campaign. That’s not the only way to measure your integrated campaign though.

  • Landing page tracking
    By advertising a specific URL with tailored content based on your outdoor advertising creative, you can easily track direct traffic and results of your campaign.
  • Promo codes
    If you’re in the e-commerce game, by utilising a specific promo code in your OOH that people won’t find anywhere else – you’ll see how many engaged customers are taking you up on the offer.
  • Keyword Tracking
    Even if you have a landing page or promo code – not everyone has the best memory. This method allows for those moments of forgetfulness as engaged customers get home and try to recall your brand. This is just one way your analytics can work for you.
  • Social Media
    As mentioned previously, by watching the rise of your page likes, you might be able to see how effective your campaign has been. A more direct way of tracking your outdoor success is by using a campaign specific hashtag.
  • Survey site visitors
    By setting up a simple survey asking customers how they found your brand you can see how many found you via outdoor versus other channels.
Local business Top Spin Pro used the timing of Wimbeldon to make the most of marketing their retail store.

When it comes to results of outdoor advertising, these facts aren’t messing around. After seeing an OOH ad, 77% of people took some form of action. 32% looked up a brand online, 24% made an online purchase, and 7% bought an advertised product.

Out-of-home – The affordable medium

So, now I bet you’re wondering how much this fantastic medium is going to set you back. Even though OOH continues to deliver a superior ROI to any other form of offline advertising medium, it’s also one of the most affordable.

The trick to making your campaign work hard for you without a monster budget is the strategic placement of ads – which you can do so effectively with the Bubble Marketplace. By planning where you place the ad, whether you go traditional or digital and how your creative engages the customer (whether that’s through AI or hashtags) – you maximise your campaign impact. It also means that you can control how much you spend.

If you need more help planning your campaign and estimating your total spend, Bubble’s booking system pretty much does all the work for you. Once you’ve narrowed down a location, date and budget – you can choose all the options that work the best for you and your successful campaign.

To get started with the marketers medium of choice, just click here to start booking. You can thank us later.

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