Innocent Drinks Super Juice digital out-of-home campaign

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Innovative juice squeezers Innocent were the first brand to use Mediacom’s “first ever” automated trading desk for digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising.

Their ‘Super Juice’ campaign launched back in early December in key UK cities including London, Manchester and Birmingham.

The Innocent campaign is backed up by consumer data to help deliver the ads at the most opportune time. This kind of data harnessing is one of the key Outdoor trends for 2018 we noted in a previous post.

The campaign took advantage of over 55 million geo-location data points – courtesy of location data specialists Mobsta – to optimise audience targeting throughout the day. All this data helps pinpoint the optimum times to display creatives on digital screens.

Right place, right time

The key to effective marketing is to reach the right people at the right time. One of the drawbacks of out-of-home (OOH) advertising compared to Online and Mobile is the lack of flexibility in this regard; in the past, OOH has been a blanket approach to getting your message out there. Well, DOOH is now making it possible to fuse Outdoors’s ability to create high impact, high engagement advertising with the dynamism and flexibility of Digital.

Innocent innovation

It’s typical of Innocent’s forward-thinking approach to advertising that they would be one of the first to embrace the possibilities of programmatic DOOH marketing.

Their Super Juice campaign comes at a time when there has been a surge of investment into DOOH by big brands. In early 2017 Burger King incorporated footfall data and events into a UK DOOH campaign. The brand reported an uplift in short terms sales activation which signified significant increases in traffic to their restaurants thanks to the DOOH campaign.

For Burger King, the exciting thing about digital out-of-home is its potential to “become fully connected to each of our individual customers.”

This is certainly a potential that Innocent are open to. They take the time to think about innovative ways to push their brand marketing forward, such as their Innocent Unplugged festival which encourages visitors to dispense with their smartphones and “go off the grid” for a couple of days. Posting to social media is actually discouraged. But the point is that this will encourage word of mouth PR and create a buzz around the brand.

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Digital out-of-home, rise and shine!

Innocent’s Super Juice range is focussed on combatting tiredness. Each DOOH ad features the “rise and shine” slogan, and is targeted to the city in which it’s displayed.

It’s not hard to see how flexible data driven marketing can benefit the campaign. The “rise and shine” message would surely have maximum impact when targeting early morning commuters. Displaying ads during the morning commute would make a lot of sense, then. But then lunchtime would be a good moment, too. As commuters head to shops and cafe’s to grab a bite they might want to pick up something that will ease them through the post-lunch slump. Digital-out-of-home advertising provides this kind of flexibility.

It goes to show that this drinks brand may be Innocent, but they’re certainly not stupid.

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