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Introducing New Railway Station Advertising Bundles

Looking for ways to advertise in Railway Stations? We’re not surprised. Railway Station advertising is one of the most sought after advertising environments on the Bubble platform. With huge footfall, high dwell times and close proximity to shopping, advertising in railway stations across the UK is a no brainer for brands.

Now, as well as the ability to pick and choose exact locations, we’re excited to introduce new ‘Railway Station Bundles’ to the Bubble platform making it easier than ever to reach your target audience.

By showing your advertisement across multiple digital screens within one railway station, these bundles are best for advertisers who want a high-impact and cost effective way to target commuters and day trippers making their way from A to B.

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How our Railway Station Advertising Bundles work

Railway Station Platform Advertising

Rather than delivering your advert on one screen for a set period of time, Railway Station Bundles are focused on delivering a set number of impressions within this type of environment. This means your ad will show across multiple digital screens within your chosen railway station until those impressions have been delivered.

For example, if you choose 100,000 impressions in the Southampton Railway Station Bundle, your ad will display at different times across the 10 screens located in Southampton Railway Station until it has been seen 100,000 times.

Our planning team have hand-picked these Railway Station bundles to be a budget-friendly, but effective, way to deliver tactical campaigns in these high-traffic areas. In fact, Bubble is the only place where you can click-to-buy these ready-made campaigns!

So hop to it, because we expect these to be snapped up.

How to book Railway Station Advertising Bundles 

Railway Station Locations on Bubble

1. Log in to buy.bubbleoutdoor.com

2. Find Railway Station Advertising Bundles by filtering to ‘Rail’ on the left hand side, typing the name of the railway station into the search bar or simply moving around the map. New Railway Station Advertising Bundles have been added in towns and cities across the country including London, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow.

3. Select the days and times you’d like your ad to run and add them to your campaign (which can be as large or small as you like).

4. When you’re ready to go, pay by credit card or bank transfer. Then you’ll have time to prep your artwork!

But hurry, these new bundles are sure to fill up fast.

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