It only takes a bit of strategic thinking and clever marketing to become locally famous

Make your brand locally famous with OOH

The goal for most businesses is to take your brand to the next level. For a local campaign, outdoor advertising (OOH) provides the perfect combination of precise targeted locations and brand exposure.

OOH can help you place relevant messaging in front of your target market. Whether you’re a retailer looking for more footfall, a gym ramping up a membership drive or a company looking to recruit the best talent.

How to become locally famous

Bournemouth University’s Associate Professor of Marketing Science conducted a detailed review on ‘brand fame’. Over 1000 people were surveyed and the results showed that the brands seen on outdoor advertising increased positive brand association by 12%.

Another interesting tit bit showed that most consumers believed that after TV, OOH was the most appropriate channel for famous brands to be seen.

For those brands that aren’t yet famous, a nationwide campaign perhaps isn’t the most economical or necessary step for your precise store locations. That’s why using a service such as Bubble Outdoor, with all the great access to local, targeted locations, is so fantastic.

World domination is a slow burn. It starts with a fantastic offering, a unique selling point, a clear target audience. Then, you can move onto making sure your brand is front of mind for the right market.

Targeted brand awareness

A sense of trust with a brand is more important than ever these days. In the age of #metoo, equality, corporate social responsibility and People and Culture teams – savvy consumers are looking for more.

Brand authenticity is the name of the game. Unfortunately, only 36% of consumers say they trust large brands. A 2013 study by the Boston Consulting Group revealed that authenticity would attract consumers to a brand.

Small digital billboards in local shopping centres can do wonders to capture attention from the right audience.


Outdoor advertising is a great way to achieve that all-important cut through. Unlike magazines, radio, TV or even digital and social media marketing – you’re not competing with everyone at once. It’s a unique way to capture attention without having to resort to the measures you might have to in other media environments.

One way to stand out is by using a brand icon. Brands that use a brand icon in outdoor advertising were 40% more memorable than those who didn’t.

Awareness of Outdoor Advertising is increasing. At just 33% from 1978 to 1991, it raised up to 39% from 1992 to 1996, and today the upward trend continues.

What OOH can do for local branding

One thing that you can’t deny outdoor advertising, is that brand recall. A study from MediaCom and the University of Alberta found that OOH was able to sustain brand awareness for a longer period of time than TV.

At the end of an outdoor campaign, the ad recall was at 36%, and a week later this had only fallen by 1%. Comparatively, the TV ads awareness had fallen significantly 2 weeks after the end of the campaign.

What does that mean for local brands? With strategic brand placement and captivating creative, you’ll be seen and remembered. Particularly by the 16-44 year old demographic.

How OOH works for a local brand

One thing you can’t deny with OOH is the ability to build brand awareness. You can launch a high-frequency campaign in direct site of your target audience at key decision-making moments throughout the day. Particularly when your ideal customer has time to digest and remember the ad.

Creating the ideal brand awareness campaign is easy with OOH. It does everything you need to get that all important reach, including:

  • Launch, build and maintain brand awareness
  • Create an impact and reach a large audience
  • Target specific audiences in high traffic areas
  • Create integrative campaigns, using other mediums to reinforce a message
  • Convert brand awareness into sales with strategic ad placement
Crowds swarm in front of Spotify's topical, timely, local billboards in popular areas.


Spotify is one global brand that keeps its content fresh in locally famous positions. They are also very clever with their creative. Armed with the knowledge that an estimated 50% of the world’s population is now under 30, Spotify is savvy in using real-customer insights to create campaigns.

The example above showed how Spotify used topical world events, while this year the campaign ads focus on the creation of Spotify playlists. The branding campaign will run across outdoor, digital and social media in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, the UK and the US.


Ready to make your brand locally famous through one of Bubble Outdoor’s 80,000 ad spaces? Click here to get searching for the prime position. Can’t see something you want? Get in touch with Bubble’s planning team to get some help.

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