7 OOH targeting tips for retailers

ooh targeting tips for retail

When it comes to converting outdoor advertising into sales, you need to make sure you’re targeting the right consumers. Here’s some OOH targeting tips for retailers:

#1 Use data

Timberland targeted audiences with an interest in outdoor lifestyle with its Sensorflex range and Yellow Boot brand in 2016. They targeted transport hubs and high-footfall retail environments with a series of digital creatives which promoted local places of interest alongside information about nearby Timberland stores.

They not only knew their target audience, they worked out where they were likely to be found, took into account data relevant to their interests (local tourist attractions) and worked an interest in the outdoors into their messaging.

#2 Do your research

Effective OOH is about understanding your audience. Your campaign can’t be all things to all people, you need a good understanding of who is most likely to engage with your brand.

You could take a leaf out of the real estate marketers hand book. They have a specific geographic area which they “farm” to drum up customers. Once they have an area to focus on they make sure that they engage in multi-faceted marketing techniques to leave no stone unturned when it comes to targeting their audiences.

#3 Look to the future

Gone are the days when OOH was about simply slapping up a poster and sitting back for sales to pour in (if those days did indeed ever exist). With the rise in OOH technology and the increasing interconnectedness of data and communications tech, a brave new world of dynamic targeting is emerging. Check out our post on the future of OOH for more on this.

#4 Send a message

iBeacons can detect smart phones in the vicinity to send targeted messages to consumers. This can promote in-store offers or direct mall visitors to your nearest store.

#5 Engage with communities

A recent Maltesers campaign linked up with the disabled community for its Chocolate Braille Billboard. They used focus groups to get an insight into the everyday experience of the blind to create ads that had broad appeal. You can’t beat speaking directly to the real people behind the market segments you wish to target to get quality insight into effective advertising strategy.

#6 Know your marketing calendar

We’ve put together a handy guide to the UK marketing calendar that takes in to account British traditions, religious occasions, holidays and festivals to help you target your audiences and plan a campaign effectively.

#7 Learn from the experts

Do your research into effective OOH retail targeting; always be on the look out for neat ideas that may provide ballast for your campaign strategy. We regularly post ad reviews that take a look under the hood of effective campaigns. Here are some retail-related ones:

Sea Salt store opening

Model in yellow coat stands in coastal location as part of Seasalt's outdoor advertising

The Cornish boutique clothing brand have a very holistic understanding of their own brand identity and their target audience. Their ads convey a lot of information relevant to their target audience, but do so in a subtle way that makes them stand out from the competition just enough to give them an edge without being showy.

KFC Snapchat selfie

The fast food giant gave print posters an interactive, digital twist by using Snapchat’s snap-to-chat technology that let audiences pose with the iconic Colonel Sanders. They placed these posters outside each of their 900 stores. The campaign spoke to the fact that Snapchat is very popular amongst millennials, who make up a decent chunk of KFC customers.

At SingKick we aim to be your guide to effective ad placement. Keep checking in to our blog for the latest insight into everything OOH.

If you want to know more about effective retail targeting, or want help with any aspect of your campaign, do get in touch with us today.

We provide an online map via which you can book ad placements, and we can even design your art work for you. We take care of everything from printing to placement.

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