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digital ooh panels advertising in a post office

Digital Out-of-Home media is the world’s second fastest-growing ad medium, according to ScreenMedia Daily. And Bubble has just launched a new range of digital OOH panels offering new locally targeted marketing opportunities.

You can now find and book digital portrait screens in local Post Offices and Golf Clubs via our online map.

Digital OOH panels in Post Offices

Digital Out-of-home advertising affords advertisers the chance to engage with with audiences in an unrivalled way. Here’s why you should consider an OOH digital panel in your outdoor advertising campaign.

Big footfall and diverse age-range

Using a digital OOH panel in a Post Office offers a unique opportunity to advertise in a location with a large footfall and a diversity of ages.  It is estimated that people from rural settings, where the Post Office can often be regarded as the heart of the community, along with the over 50’s, the disabled and those on lower incomes, form the majority of Post Office users.  

Extended dwell time

Drive past a post office in the run up to Mother’s Day or Christmas and you are likely to see queues pouring out onto the pavement. On a normal day, you can still expect to be waiting in a queue for an average of 15 minutes– it wouldn’t be Britain if otherwise, would it?!

Take advantage of the fact that people are most likely bored waiting and open to stimuli. OOH digital panel ads demand a unique form of attention and according to Exterion Media, ‘it’s also the medium that leads to the most mobile searches and the one with the biggest word of mouth effect.’

Consider how you might use your ad to encourage further searching on smartphones or online engagement, perhaps by using a unique online discount code or hashtag.

See our blog post about advertising in Post Offices for more tips about how to reach your target audience.


Digital Out-of-home advertising affords flexibility. You can choose a shorter or longer advertising block according to your advertising strategy and you can pick and choose the days or times of day to run your OOH campaign. It’s a no-fuss option. No printing and posting flyers to pin up.

digital OOH panels in post offices UK

OOH panels on golf courses

These screens are designed to be positioned within the clubhouse bar, foyer or shop, thus taking advantage of long dwell times and guaranteeing maximum exposure to a generally more affluent and influential target audience.

Consider how you might tailor your digital panel ad to engage with the target audience in a golf course bar.  A 40+ year old man who is enjoying a beer is unlikely to respond to an ad about a new accountancy firm, but he might respond to one that offers a new cuisine with free delivery and an extra 10% off the final bill using a unique online code.

Digital Out of Home Advertising is more relevant than ever

PQ Media’s Consumer DOOH Exposure Index estimates that in 2017, the average global consumer will be exposed to various forms of Digital OOH media for 56 minutes per week. It also reports that 23% of consumers search for more information on their mobile device after seeing outdoor advertising compared with 16% for other media.

Advertising on digital panels is more meaningful than ever due to the increasing ability and desire to act online instantly. Take advantage of this and get in touch to book your digital OOH panel.

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