Outdoor advertising tips for real estate marketing

outdoor advertising for real estate marketing

It stands to reason that Outdoor is a crucial arena for real estate marketing given the inherently geographical nature of the sector. Here’s our handy guide to effectively using Outdoor advertising for your real estate business.

1. Work on a farm

Most successful real estate agents have a specific geographical area or demographic which they “farm” in order to generate business. Just as with real farming, this process involves engaging in sustained, multifaceted cultivation of a specific subdivision of an area. Traditionally, real estate farming involves tactics such as direct mail, door knocking, sending out postcards, letters and emails. One tactic is to place adverts in the form of door hangers placed over door knobs. The hangers need to be removed to enter the house, thus guaranteeing exposure to your messaging. And if we look at this example we see that it is an Outdoor advertising tactic. It should be apparent how many opportunities there are to apply contemporary outdoor advertising techniques and strategies to real east marketing.

2. Be topical

Real estate is a serious business because lots of long-term, not to mention expensive, decisions are being made by individuals and families that will shape so much of their lives.

During the 2016 US presidential race, there was lots of disaffection towards the campaign’s front-runners, and widespread concern over the future direction of the country.

Jeff Cook Real Estate were fearless and jumped straight in with a topical billboard campaign tapping into this mood of disaffection. The agency placed giant roadside billboards with a picture of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton beneath a slogan that enquired, “moving to Canada? We can sell your home.”

The genius of the moving to Canada billboard was that it tapped in to the kind of social-economic concerns that play a key role in influencing the housing market, whilst at the same time using a light touch that didn’t take itself too seriously.

And notice how the campaign could relate as equally to Democrat voters as to Republicans. This was a specific, topical, targeted message that also had mass appeal and wasn’t politically divisive.

3. Multi-medium

Combine your outdoor marketing with other mediums such as radio. Successful real estate agents can double their sales using radio to connect with their audiences, and we’ve written a how-to-guide on combining outdoor marketing with radio. We also have blog posts up on integrating Outdoor with TV and Online that can help you develop a strong, integrated campaign combining different media.

4. Billboards

Billboards are the ideal way to make big, bold statements that make a lasting impression on your audience. No more is this exemplified by this fantastic Game of Homes billboard from the Bridges estate agency in Aldershot, South East England. If you want to take a leaf out of their book (or should that be “script”?) Bubble’s online booking platform is a dynamic and cost-effective way to run your campaigns. Check out our guide to billboard advertising costs.

5. Bus advertising

Bus advertising takes advantage of dwell time to get your message across to your audience, whilst also connecting with road users too. It’s also an affordable method and has a wonderfully wide reach, really drilling down into specific geographical areas which can be targeted systematically using bus routes. US realtor Dakota Riley was gazing at a bus ad whilst stuck in traffic one day and had an epiphany to advertise her agency in that space. The idea paid off dividends and lead to major growth and a bigger profile. Clients even began to think she was famous.

6. Location, location, location…

The fact that real estate is such a geographically rooted industry makes it particularly conducive to outdoor advertising strategies. Targeting demographics in local areas is absolutely crucial to real estate marketing. And because word of mouth is such a strong influence in purchasing decisions, building a reputation as a local agency can be make or break. Check out our handy guide to location-specific advertising.

7. Think outside the box (room)

The great thing about Outdoor advertising is that the world is your oyster. We’ve reported before on creative approaches to real estate advertising. We’re particularly fond of this campaign where a single door was placed on an undeveloped plot of land in a creative play to home developers and mega-DIY enthusiasts everywhere. And Kenny Truong’s #FastAgent hashtag placed on park benches has all the simplicity and savvy you could dream off in an outdoor campaign that integrates seamlessly with Online and social media (#6 on this list).

This short guide should give you plenty of food for thought when designing your real estate marketing strategy. There’s a wealth of advice and information on our blog, and we are always on hand to guide you on all things outdoor advertising. Get in touch with us if you want to take your real estate advertising strategy to the next level.

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