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Promoting your Brand the Right Way in a Post-Coronavirus Era

A powerful article featured in Marketing Week recently, describing how brands will play a vital role in rebuilding society in a post-coronavirus era. The article’s author, Tanya Joseph, said: “Brands have the power to unite us, inspire us and forge a new way forward if they are willing to try.”

For your brand, this is a call to arms, an opportunity to play a part in shaping the society of the future, inspire hope and connecting with your target audience like never before.

We’re not saying this will be easy, undoubtedly the coronavirus pandemic has pushed your business to the brink as you tighten the purse strings just to survive.

Maybe those marketing plans have been put on hold or you’ve had to make the difficult decision to lay off staff or furlough personnel. Whatever your circumstances, your business has been hit hard. But, there’s hope! You’re still standing.

There’s much more to be said about your brand when a time of crisis strikes. How do you react? Now is the time to ready your brand for the post-coronavirus era.

This will pass and your brand will emerge stronger having survived this crisis. In the words of Tanya Joseph – “are you willing to try and forge a new way forward?”

Bubble can play a part in rebuilding your brand post-coronavirus

How you react amid the coronavirus lockdown will shape your post-coronavirus brand rebuild. While your outdoor advertising campaigns are on hold, don’t stay silent.

There are things you can do now to keep your brand in the public eye and tie into outdoor advertising campaigns once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Get creative using your social media channels, utilise video and eye catching, online campaigns. Anything you produce can be tied into future outdoor advertising campaigns.

The way you promote your brand once this is all over will be very different. There will be a ‘new normal’ and a new level of creativity that’s needed to re-engage audiences.

In her article, Tanya Joseph, says: “During the lockdown brands really need to be thinking what we want the world, which we will eventually step back into, to look like and how they can help restore confidence and rebuild morale.”

Joseph argues that one of the best ways that brands, including yours, can promote themselves in the post-coronavirus era is to help support the revival of their local community.

Bubble can help to facilitate your post-coronavirus brand rebuild and connection with consumers by giving you access to more than 80,000 outdoor advertising locations.

We are constantly broadening our outdoor advertising portfolio, which includes:

  • Digital and traditional billboards
  • 6 Sheets
  • Taxis
  • Buses
  • Bus Shelters
  • Railway Stations
  • Mall and Shopping Centres
  • Phone Boxes and more

Bubble’s outdoor advertising services make the process of buying outdoor ad space simple and cost-effective.

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Your brand is being called upon to be a presence in your local community once daily life resumes – however that may look. We can help you be the presence that your community will need once this is over.

To rebuild your brand, you will need to be more proactive than before. It’s going to require a commitment and further sacrifice because what your customers will need in the post-coronavirus era will not be the same as their needs pre-coronavirus.

Already, many brands have re-evaluated their purpose and mission statement amid coronavirus. To ensure that you’re on the same page as your audience once we emerge from this, be the morale boosting, inspiring presence that your local community will need you to be.

We can help you spread your post-coronavirus message further and faster, and be a leader in the reshaping and ‘new normal’ of your local community.

As quoted by an article published by Reuters UK ‘a time will come when it makes sense for brands to relaunch campaigns.’   

Bubble will be here to support you when that time comes. Use your time on lockdown to prepare your post-coronavirus campaign.

See you on the other side.

Stay safe, stay well and for now, stay indoors.
The Bubble Outdoor team.

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