Real Estate Advertising Gets Creative

Thought about advertising on your back? China just took this idea to a whole new level. Last month we found a housing fair in Jilin City exposing a new variety of real estate advertising where agents draw a body paint floor plan to attract potential new homeowners. This is a great example of how even real estate advertising can get creative in attracting new business.

China Real Estate Body Paint Advertising

When you think of a real estate advert, you’d probably reminisce about the last time you sat on a bench outside. With real estate ads taking over nearly every bench in America, it’s no surprise to see them as the champions of outdoor advertising, successfully filling every bus stop shelter and billboard. But can you really tell one bench apart from the other?

Real Estate Bus Bench Advertising

Australian real estate agency Barry Planet recently jumped on the back of election advertising, creating a campaign involving an online poll and contest. Creating a happy competition among their agents was a fresh and fun approach to the traditional election ad.

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