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Summer Holiday Home Security Outdoor Advertising

Those who work in the security business are ideally placed to educate customers about how to keep their home and possessions safe over the Summer holidays. But how do you ensure that they get the message, and utilise your services for greater peace of mind? Well, out-of-home (OOH) advertising reaches more people than you know, and it’s a great way to help your future customers start thinking about what’s happening back at home while they’re out and about.

Your ideal customer and what they don’t know about home security

Research from UK insurer, Co-op Insurance, has revealed that more than 13 million homes in the UK, roughly 48% of the population, are committing home security sins that are really putting them at risk. Clearly, the best practice of home protection hasn’t been communicated to the younger generation as those aged between 25-34 are the worst offenders.

We already know that the Summer months and UK’s proximity to ideal European getaways mean that more and more homes around you are unoccupied come June/July. But what does that mean for the occupant left behind, or the possessions left in the surrounding homes?

Without fear-mongering your ideal customer, using an effective, targeted medium like outdoor advertising is a great way to ensure that people are vigilant about protecting themselves and their homes when the summer holidays roll around.

Now that we’ve seen the light after the long, cold winter, now is the time to start thinking about who you are targeting with your home security messaging, and most importantly, how.

Essex Police used a series of outdoor advertising to help residents know how to stay safe during the holidays.

Image: https://www.essex.police.uk/getmedia/e6d01fd7-127e-4ef0-a065-ae5740978e41/secure-protect-prevent-800.jpg?width=800&ext=.jpg

Effectively target and educate your customer with outdoor advertising

Now that we know that those in their late 20’s – early 30’s are the ideal target for home security messaging, it comes down to relevant messaging to get them interested.

Luckily, outdoor advertising gives you so many opportunities to effectively target your ideal audience in this age group.

With bus, taxi, train and underground OOH options, you’ll capture the attention of commuters as they travel their usual routes. Ensuring that you’ve booked the ideal locations for May, while this audience plans and finalises their summer holiday escapes will allow your customer plenty of time to contact you for their home security requirements.

Digital out-of-home has become one of the most flexible and affordable OOH options because you can maximise the use of your space with interactive elements and even time your ads to when the most attention will be given by your ideal audience. For example, you can choose to display your ad on a digital bus shelter between 5 – 6 pm to capture the attention of that commuter audience.

When we talk about interactive elements, it really comes down to your budget.  You can go to the extreme and start looking at Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Persistence of Vision (PoV) to bring your campaign to life. Otherwise, you can think social media and hashtags, unique tracking codes and mobile interaction for a more budget-friendly option.

Outdoor advertising is a fantastic way of adding another element to your marketing strategy. OOH works harmoniously with your digital strategy and enhances and supports your efforts to deliver even better results.

Matrix Security used clever summer icons to remind customers to stay safe during the holidays

Image: https://www.matrixsecurity.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/MTS065-web-banner-Final_mobile_cone-e1516247157837.jpg

When to book your OOH spots for Summer

May is a good time for businesses that sell home security to advertise on OOH. You don’t want to be too late to the party and miss your jet-setters. As we quickly approach the warmer weather, it’s time to snap up these spots, now.

As the weather heats up, more people are outside than at any other point of the year. That means that you have so many more opportunities to speak to your ideal audience at a time and place that’s relevant to them. That means they’re more likely to take action, and in fact, 72% of people can be swayed towards an impulse purchase by OOH.

Some of the ways you could educate your ideal customer would be:

  1. Lock up sheds and garages, 18% of people leave them unlocked when they head away
  2. Don’t keep Social Media too up-to-date, you could be giving people every hint they need that your home is unoccupied
  3. Thieves can be easily detoured with automatic lights and sturdy locks
  4. Keep your valuables out of sight

When thinking ahead, really any season or holiday should be an opportunity for you to use OOH to educate your audience. You should be ready to roll out your next seasonal campaign a couple of months in advance and have outdoor advertising as the golden ticket to your advertising success. Ready to book? Click here to search for the ideal size and location. If you need any extra help just ask the expert Bubble team.

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