By using Bubble's easy to use search and book website, you can add OOH to any campaign to test how it works for your client.

The Easiest Way to Test Outdoor Advertising

The beauty of Bubble is that you don’t need to be a huge full-service agency to make the most of the powerhouse medium that is out of home (OOH). You can make the most of the best placements and pricing for your client by doing it yourself with Bubble’s marketplace, or letting the in-house Bubble experts help you secure the best for your customer. By adding OOH to any marketing campaign, you can increase reach and results.

Out of Home is good for everyone

Used for brand building, broad reach and increasing customer engagement, OOH does it all no matter which vertical market you’re working with. However, there used to be a bit of a barrier to entry, especially for smaller agencies looking to give it a go. Traditionally, outdoor advertising was a bit all or nothing, reserved for big agencies with big spends and lengthy lead times. Now, anyone can make the most of this high impact medium.

Unlike online advertising, it used to be hard to dip your toe into outdoor advertising without a fair bit of commitment. Now with platforms like Bubble Outdoor, it’s easier and more cost-effective than ever for agencies to offer a full-service solution to your clients, and let them test and measure a medium like out of home.

Ikea used a classic poster style to poke fun at themselves while advertising their assembly service with outdoor advertising.


The amazing advantages of OOH

One of the best things about outdoor advertising is its ability to cut through the noise and engage your target audience with content that drives conversions. You can use the location of your ad to help make a campaign hyperlocal with content that speaks directly to your immediate audience.

The other great thing about billboards, digital screens and outdoor advertising, in general, is that it’s hard to ignore, swipe, click, or put down the ad you’re looking at. Your target audience’s attention is captured in places where they’ve got time to engage, such as shopping centres, cinemas, bus stops and train stations.

There are many misconceptions around the price of outdoor advertising, it’s actually extremely cost-effective to add to your client’s overall integrated campaign. Depending on the placement, size, and style (traditional or digital) you can make a huge impact with broad reach and maximise your budget.

OOH also provides maximum exposure. Just consider how many ads you pass by on a daily commute. Now when you think about it, you’ll start seeing them everywhere! But with most things, outdoor advertising will reach far more prospective customers when used strategically.

Thanks to this study from Nielsen, we now know that outdoor advertising is the most effective non-digital medium for generating online activity. So when you combine OOH with an effective digital strategy, just think of what you can be doing for the results you deliver back to your client!

Topshop integrated social media with their outdoor advertising in prime position.


The benefits of planning an outdoor advertising campaign with Bubble

If you’re ready to help your clients take their campaigns to the next level, it’s time to start adding outdoor advertising to the mix, and Bubble makes it so easy for creative agencies.

When it comes to choosing the best location to suit a specific persona, Bubble has been helping simplify and speed up the planning and buying of the best-suited spots to make the most of every campaign, and they’ve been doing it for years!

Bubble now has over 80,000 locations across the UK (and more are being added all the time!) so whether you’re looking for large scale billboards or small digital screens – they have access to the best ad placement where real customers are taking notice. They manage everything quickly and efficiently, so when you work with Bubble it’s like you just hit the out of home lottery.

If you’re ready to add outdoor advertising to your creative agency and get the most out of planning successful integrated campaigns with Bubble, just click here to get in touch with their planning service to make it simple and painless to add a cost-effective, results-driven medium to the mix for your client. If you want to browse some of the locations, click here to search the map and find out where your client could next be seen.

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