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Types of Outdoor Advertising That Will Engage Audiences

According to a recent consumer survey, outdoor advertising has a 55% trust level among the UK’s general public. If a large percentage of the British public trusts outdoor advertising media, it means they’re engaging with it. But which types of outdoor advertising grab attention best?

1. Bus Stop Advertising

Approximately 3 million people travel on UK buses every day. In the year ending March 2018, the number of bus journeys reached 4.36 billion, while it’s estimated that 92% of the UK population views bus shelter advertising every week. That’s a lot of eyes on your advertising.

Bus shelter advertising is particularly effective because it capitalises on travellers looking for a distraction while waiting for their bus. Plus, it engages people who aren’t even waiting for a bus, including motorists and pedestrians walking past.

2. Billboard Advertising

An estimated 98% of the UK population will see at least one billboard advert every week. Research suggests that roadside billboards and billboards in urban areas command high viewing levels.

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Billboard advertising is highly effective because it tends to blend into its surroundings, making it less of a distraction and something that naturally comes into a person’s view.

3. Shopping Centre Advertising

Shopping centre advertising is extremely influential. It’s highly effective because it targets an audience already in a shopping mind set. Studies show that adverts shoppers see up to 30 minutes before they make a purchase, will have a huge influence on their buying behaviour.

Image showing shopping centre advertising

It’s highly likely that out of home advertising in a shopping centre will influence buying decisions, especially when one study shows that 70% of purchases are unplanned.

4. Local Amenity Advertising

Out of home advertising across local amenities is highly effective for engaging a specific target audience. Bus stop, billboard and shopping centre advertising reaches a wide audience demographic, but you can truly localise and target your advertising towards a particular demographic by advertising in places people visit regularly.

Post offices, gyms, community centres and sport clubs are some of your options.

5. Point of Sale Advertising

Image showing point of sale advertising

Point of sale advertising is incredibly effective because it disrupts a shopper’s journey. Well-placed point of sale advertising can trigger impulse purchases.

Numerous studies show that planned purchasing among shoppers is declining, and instead they’re influenced by a variety of channels, including outdoor advertising.

6. Digital Outdoor Advertising

Image of man looking at digital billboards

There are many types of outdoor advertising you can choose from for your campaigns. However, each of the out of home advertising types we’ve covered can be united under digital out of home (DOOH) advertising.

Digital signage is driving out of home advertising into a new era. As of June 2019, there were 11,024 DOOH screens active across the UK, according to a study by Route.

The British public will see 1.1 billion DOOH adverts over the course of a week – that includes bus shelters, billboards, shopping centres, local amenities and point of sale displays, according to Route’s study.

Additionally, the study shows that 37% of 15 to 34-year-olds and 63% of ABC1s (a consumer from one of the three higher social and economic groups, which consist of people who have more education and better-paid jobs than those in other groups) are impacted by DOOH advertising across the UK.

DOOH is effective because it gives you all the benefits of traditional OOH, but allows you to display more dynamic content, while giving you access to much more information about your customers.

Digital outdoor advertising gives you greater control over how you use advertising space. You can be much more targeted with your campaigns, automate your advertising and gather essential data that allows you to analyse advertising performance and customer habits.

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