When it comes to local advertising, nothing works as well as outdoor advertising

Use local franchisee knowledge for the best OOH locations

One of the challenges for many franchise-based organisations is delivering marketing solutions that can meet the localised requirements of the various franchises. Out of Home (OOH) advertising is a very important part of a localised marketing solution. Bubble Outdoor provides the ability to deliver selective OOH locations that meet local requirements.

The benefits of using OOH for franchisees

When it comes to OOH or outdoor advertising benefits for small, local businesses – there is a long list. Here are the main ones.

  • Exposure.When it comes to mediums that capture attention – outdoor advertising has always built brands. By choosing high-traffic areas in locations relevant to your site and target audience, you can make your brand locally famous.
  • Awareness. Use OOH to promote the benefits of your local proposition i.e. quality, service, and range. Your unique selling point is everything, and your local knowledge can help your audience understand why they’re better off choosing you.
  • Timing. Whether you’re opening a store, launching a new product or having a sale. OOH works for directional campaigns, brand awareness or direct marketing.
ASDA used OOH to promote locally made produce 'right around the corner' for a hyper-local advertising campaign.

Image: https://www.exterionmedia.com%2Fni&psig=AOvVaw1eFI_608K2ral0MteGvAkt&ust=1544522481130598

Real, local advertising

What’s great about Bubble, is that you don’t need to book huge campaigns across the country when you’re launching a new store in say, Glasgow. By narrowing down the type of OOH you want to utilise, then searching geographically or by budget constraints, you’ll be ready to reel in the customers!

The OOH trend has not, and won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Digital OOH is keeping up with the hip kids by introducing new technologies and allowing advertisers full campaign integration in more new ways every day!

Hashtags, VR, Short-codes, geo-tagging. Outdoor no longer means a poster or a billboard – it can be almost anything you want it to be. Approximately 87% of UK adults see outdoor advertising each and every week. So actually OOH is leading the way.

Most franchisees join a business with the promise of head office support services. One of which includes marketing. It may be hard for a franchise owner to relinquish all their ideas to someone who perhaps doesn’t understand their clear, local USP. Letting their local knowledge help to guide you can be a great way to balance the relationship.

Real results from local outdoor advertising

BID Leicester used the hyperlocal power of OOH to advertise an extended Christmas Park & Ride service for local commuters and shoppers. Thanks to Bubble’s huge amount of local advertising spaces, BID Leicester was able to strategically plan their campaign to reach the right audience.

Bubble delivered a high-impact and wide-reaching campaign, built across multiple media owners and formats, over a four week period for a total spend of £13,000. The results? Well according to the client, “We’re so pleased with the extended Park & Ride’s success and the posters booked through Bubble were an important part of that success! Bubble made the process so easy. We’d definitely run it again!” Positive feedback aside, the campaign made millions of impressions with the wide audience reached in the ideal locations, thanks to Bubble.

BID Leicester used Bubble's Marketplace to effectively target residents about extended Christmas hours

Franchisee Power

When it comes to the never-ending stream of advertising consumers are faced with in our day-to-day lives, not all standout. What counts is when you focus on your audience strategically and on how you can enhance, rather than interrupt, their daily experience.

This is where your local franchise is more valuable than ever. If you’re a local business, you need to appear to be local in order to entice locals. It’s simple really – you can’t fake being a local.

Image: http://wearegenesis.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/ONLINE-PICS3.jpg

Your franchisee should know what events are important to the local area, and understand the area’s natural ebb and flows of sales. Finding these local associations can help to reinforce brand integrity to a local audience, and engage potential customers with content that relates.

Bubble gives businesses the chance to place their messaging in strategic locations, so that you can put a big tick next to your local marketing strategy.

How to narrow down the options

Digital is a great way to entice a local audience, because you can use so many tricks to entice a local audience. Video screens can offer local event, traffic or weather information – as well as hyperlocal retail offers. When you think about a small digital billboard in a shopping centre, you can highlight ingredients for a season-specific recipe to become hyperlocal.

Yes, digital is great to capture attention, but when it comes to a captive audience a large billboard next to peak traffic gets fantastic message retention. Ensuring the content relates to the local audience? Even better!

In a world of large brands with even larger advertising budgets, local customers like seeing their local stores advertising. It reinforces a feel-good message to shop local and support their neighbours. Whichever size you choose – OOH is definitely the right medium to make a local impact

Bubble has several clients who select locally but with Head Office control. Local franchisees can pick and choose locations that suit their objectives, then you can process the order at head office level in one simple transaction. Contact the Bubble planning team to discuss how this might work for your franchise business.

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