Why outdoor advertising works for franchisees and small businesses

Every day consumers are inundated with adverts. Online and offline. It can be pretty overwhelming and it’s often easy to ignore them; they’ve become an accepted part of life. So how can small companies and franchisees compete amongst all this marketing clutter? How can you advertise your business without becoming just another ineffective, annoying advert? 

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Use Out of Home advertising to market your business

Out of Home (OOH) advertising is focused on advertising to consumers when they are “on the go” in public spaces and can be used very efficiently to market a business.  That includes ads in train stations, on the roadside, in malls, on buses and includes posters of all shapes and sizes including billboards, posters at bus shelters, phone boxes and digital screens. It’s an affordable and effective way for small businesses and franchisees to advertise their services or products to customers in their local area.

Turn your business into a recognized brand in your local area

Advertising your business or franchise in a prominent place is an effective way to establish brand recognition in your local area. For example, a billboard advertising MOT services at a local garage will become part of the daily commute for thousands of potential customers as they drive past it each morning.

OOH advertising is a useful tool to build your brand. You want consumers to spot your advert in the street and begin to think about its message. Over time consumers will recognise and remember your brand, choosing your business over any other.

This works particularly well for businesses that provide a service that you might not need everyday; like a garage, or a plumbing business. When people in your local area need your services, you want to be at the top of their mind. So if you’ve spent the last month walking past a bus stop ad for local plumbing services, guess who’ll be the first plumber you think of when your pipes burst.

Beat the big brands. Focus on your niche, local, audience

Maybe you own a DIY shop that sells a great range of tools and offers expert advice from employees who really know the business. Yet you know you’re losing customers to large chains like B&Q.

Yes, they have massive advertising budgets but they’re also trying to reach a national audience.

Think about the unique value you can bring to local customers. Maybe it’s your knowledge of the area and issues neighbours are currently facing. The more you can connect and show your understanding of what local people need, the more likely they will choose your business over one of the big brands.

Take advantage of good timing

When I walked past a bus shelter on my way to work the other day, a poster caught my eye. It was simply red and white. Yet in that moment it was the only thing competing for my attention. And it won. I even stopped to read the fine print.

The massive difference was the timing. Nothing else was taking my attention, none of that marketing clutter that bombards consumers each day. So I was able to fully engage with the advert. That’s why poster and billboard advertising is the perfect tool for franchisee and small group businesses.

Advertising at a local bus stop gives you the chance to capture an audience of mostly bored consumers. What better way to spend time waiting, than learning about something new and realising that it’s something you really need.

Digital adverts are an effective way do this, allowing you to pick certain times in the day when your advert will be displayed. So if you run a take away shop, perhaps you might find that your ad generates most business when the pubs and clubs turn out on a Friday or Saturday night.

Spark online discovery by integrating poster advertising with your online presence

Smart phones provide the perfect way for your poster or billboard to increase footfall to your website or social media channels. The first action I took having read the bus stop advert the other day was to check out the website being advertised. That’s instant new footfall.

As you begin a new advertising campaign, think about a hashtag you can choose to tie the campaign together. Using a hashtag offers consumers the chance to check out the tag and also re-share the details to their followers.

It’s important to think about how people will interact with your advert. The more entertaining it is, the more likely your advert will be snapped and shared as a personal post, immediately increasing your word of mouth advertising.

Think about how you could encourage viewers to share a photo of themselves online with the poster and include your hashtag. You could give a freebie to the most creative photo.

Use outdoor advertising as part of an integrated campaign

You should always include outdoor advertising in any marketing campaign you’re running. There are many theories about the most effective frequency for advertising, but your customer will generally need to see your advert at least three times before it starts to become effective.

A consumer might see your advert in the local paper. A banner ad might pop up on their tablet. And then they see your advert at the bus stop or billboard. By covering all bases, you’re more likely to attract their attention at a moment when they have the capacity to think.

Running an outdoor advertising campaign is straightforward and easy to do

Our online booking system makes it really easy for you to zoom in and instantly locate and book available advertising space in your local area. Prices start from £144 for 2 weeks, including printing and placement of the advert. We can help with the artwork for your ad or if you’ve got that sorted already, you can upload your own advert. Remember, we don’t need your design when you book the space.

Learn how to book a Digital billboard space online with Bubble or check out our outdoor advertising tips for startups and SMEs to help you get your campaign off the ground.

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