Why Outdoor Advertising Works for SMEs

Think outdoor advertising is just for big companies? Here are Bubble’s top reasons why outdoor advertising is great for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

It Strengthens Your Brand

Advertising on the street will help you build your brand much faster. Usually, people associate outdoor ads with big money and professionalism – how would amateurs possibly afford to be sitting next to big brands? Also, displaying your logo and your name out in the open will make people remember it better.

Outdoor Advertising Gives You Power

When reading a magazine or watching a video on YouTube, you can choose whether to engage with the ads or just simply skip them altogether. With outdoor advertising it is not the same – you can’t just simply close your eyes in order to avoid the ads on the streets.

Frequency In Views Increases

Seeing an ad once will probably not impress anyone. Seeing it twice a day while going to work will most surely stick to mind. Targeting people’s primary driving or walking routes (such as main roads and junctions) will result in repeated and lasting impressions.

Targeting Gets Better

Generally, people tend to shop on their daily routes to and from work. Not very often do consumers explore new areas when it comes to shopping or spending their money. You can efficiently target the local community by telling them about your product and redirecting them to your business with outdoor advertising.

Outdoor Advertising Billboard

Engage Bigger Audiences

As an SME you may want to draw as much attention to your business as possible, and not just from your target demographic. With outdoor advertising, you can catch virtually everyone’s attention in a certain area. When you buy an ad in a magazine, your ad will only be seen by a specific audience.

Billboard ads outside popular junctions and busy roads allow you a couple of seconds to grab the attention of passers-by. However, people sitting in public transportation are more likely than those sitting in their personal car to gaze idly through the window, since they are not engaged in actually driving the vehicle. Be sure to catch their attention with captivating copy!

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